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Grandi Groom
Grandi Carpet Groom
The industry standard in carpet grooming. This versatile tool is great for loosening embedded dirt before you re-vacuum, agitating pre-spray into traffic lanes as well as for final grooming after applying carpet protectors to insure even coverage. Also, use for final finishing after cleaning to leave a beautiful footprint and tool mark free carpet to really impress your customers.
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Perky Groom
Perky Groom Carpet Rake
Light-weight groom is ideal for domestic use (makes it perfect for resale to your customers). 30cm (12") head.
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Grandi Groom Carpet Brush
Grandi Carpet Brush
The Grandi Brush is just like the Grandi Groom except that it features nylon brush bristles for greater penetration of pre-sprays on lower profile commercial and multi-loop carpets. Also great for finishing on Oriental and other fine rugs where the Grandi Groom may be too aggressive.
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Carpet Pile Brush
The best option for grooming smooth plush carpet. This brush will set the nap after cleaning and may also be used to agitate traffic areas on commercial-type carpets.
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Gekko tile and grout Wand
Gekko Tile and Grout Wand – No Head
Works with any truckmount or portable machines (200 - 2000psi). Concentrates all the water pressure through an amazing new spray jet that creates extreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout. May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling. A must-have tool for anyone starting hard surface cleaning as you can build up additional tools like the corner/edging tool and the 14” brush or squeegee heads. Please note that this does not come with any heads - the wand is ready to attach any of the Gekko range of heads.
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SX-15 Hard Surface Tool
Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool
The Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool features a 15” cleaning path - larger than standard hard surface tools. Compatible with portables and truckmounts.
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Rotovac Bonzer Wand
Rotovac Bonzer Wand

The Bonzer speed-cleans carpets by capturing and delivering all the power your truckmount can generate. Seven spray jets are completely encapsulated under the manifold to ensure that no steam or heat escapes the cleaning zone. Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides, along with a comfortable dual-grip handle, allow the Bonzer to be both fast and easy to operate.

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RovaWash 250 CRB Machine – The ultimate agitation and cleaning power!
RovaWash 250 CRB Machine – The ultimate agitation and cleaning power!

RovaWash 250 CRB Agitation and Floor Cleaning Machine.
The ultimate agitation and cleaning power!

Thanks to innovative and modern design, the RovaWash 250 CRB carpet agitation and floor cleaner has been developed to exploit the entire cleaning surface, guaranteeing incredible results in a single sweep, even when faced with stubborn dirt or difficult-to-reach areas.
The iVo RovaWash 250 is a breakthrough floor cleaning machine that is very effective for hard floors, and for carpet spotting.
Excellent for entrance matting, stairs and small area floors, the RovaWash is extremely easy to use, and very thorough in its results.


RovaWash 250 SPECS:

Work capacity 200mq/h
Induction motor capacity 400 W – 2800 rpm
Dimensions L 33cm x W 28.5cm x H 14cm
Weight (empty)  10 kg empty
Front brush  Ø86 – 700 rpm
Rear brush Ø54 – 1145 rpm
Tank Capacity  4 Litres
Recovery tank  1 Litre
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SX-15 Hard Surface Tool
Hydro-Force SX-12 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

The SX-12 blasts soil and dirt from tiles, grout, and smooth or rough hard surfaces. Working from 700-2000psi, the rotary arm spins, whilst the vacuum ports pick up the waste. (Requires a minimum of 1200psi)

Compatible with portables and truckmounts.
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Truvox Multiwash II 340
Truvox Multiwash II 340
The Multiwash II 340 scrubber-dryer is a multi-purpose and effective floor-cleaning machine that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Featuring a rotating drum that removes the water and dirt from the brushes, you gain a spotless floor that’s ready to walk on in minutes. For Brushes, Pads and Accessories, see HERE.
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cimex cyclone 15
Cimex Cyclone/Cimex Encap
The unique Cimex three-brush system makes these scrubber-dryers simple to operate and extremely efficient. Three brushes are driven by a contra-rotating planetary drive disc, providing exceptional cleaning results even on difficult floors such as studded rubber, tiles, safety flooring and uneven floors. Not only does the 3-brush action offer unbeatable scrubbing and a deep cleaning action, it also prevents cable snagging. The Cimex machines can also be used for effective carpet cleaning. The 3 Cimex brushes are contra-rotating which scrubs the carpet fibres from all directions – all in a single pass. This also provides uniform application of your encap solution, providing a more thorough clean. Cimex 3-brush system can be up to six times more productive than a single disc rotary when cleaning carpets.
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Orbis Duo Eco
Orbis Duo Eco
The Orbis Duo Eco has been specifically designed to fully accommodate cleaning contractors’ needs. All Orbis eco models arrive pre-assembled and are inclusive of a drive board, so you can get straight to work. The Orbis offers exceptional handling and productivity for cleaning and polishing hard floors, with an optional solution tank for wet scrubbing. Making light work of virtually every floor type, the Orbis eco range is ideal for retail, education and healthcare facilities. The Orbis Duo Eco provides complete floor renovation and maintenance in just one machine with two speed settings; 190 rpm and 380 rpm.
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