The active ingredients in all our Virus & Bacteria Cleaners, Sanitisers & Hand Sanitiser have been tested and proven to be effective against most known microbes, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. Tested and proven to be effective against the following European standards • EN14476 against viruses • EN1276 against bacteria • EN1650 against fungi.
• Log kill of 6 – destroys 99.9999% of known microbes
• Leaves a lasting layer of protection (subject to environmental factors)
• Water based
• Non-toxic
• Safe for use with children, elderly & pets
• Bio degradable
Suitable for use on all wet-cleanable surfaces and fabrics (ie that can be cleaned with water based products) including door handles, work surfaces, desks, carpets & upholstery (not dry clean only items) steering wheels, even your mobile phone! (Do not immerse electrical items!)

Download our ENVIROSAFE information leaflet HERE, and a free copy of our Certificate of Application HERE.

New self adhesive window/van stickers, free with any purchase of Envirosafe – just add a note with your order to say which you’d like: 17cm or 25cm, green or blue.

Food Safe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser

Envirosafe & Bio Cleaner

Concentrated Cleaner & Sanitiser

20 x Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser
also available with your own label
20x500ml Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser also available with your own label – not food safe

Covid-19 is an illness caused by SARS-CoV-2, which is a Coronavirus. Coronaviruses have been around for a long time and belong to a group known as ‘enveloped viruses’. You can destroy the Coronavirus in the environment, but you cannot cure the illness once inside the human body. All of our anti-viral products contain our active ingredient which has been laboratory tested and proven effective against Coronavirus SARS-COV-2. There is some science behind how QAT based products such as ours combat enveloped viruses, we have made an easy-to-read leaflet about this, you can download a copy here or click on the pic.