Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Odours

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Odours

Urine stains and odours that are left behind after the solid matter has been removed can be quite difficult to thoroughly remove.  Many household chemicals like bleach will not be able to remove them effectively.

Many ‘off the shelf’ products will temporarily mask the odour but unless all the urine salt crystals are removed the odour can come back.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Odours:Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Odours from

If your customers beloved pet has has an accident on their carpet then you will need not only a professional carpet cleaning solution for pet odours but also one that can tackle stains!

Choose from our range of different carpet cleaning solutions for pet odours to best suit your job:

  • Envirosafe – A dual action pre-cleaner and sanitiser that will safely clean by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.  It is an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal sanitising pre-cleaner.
  • Odour Kill – A complex blend of chemicals to neutralise the bacteria that causes odours with a sweet, cherry smell.  An effective way to  eliminate persistent odours such as vomit, urine, milk and food etc.
  • Bio Modifier – A highly effective solution with strong odour counteractants.  It will eliminate odours caused by urine, mould, mildew, organic root, vomit, smoke, protein fire residue and more.  An ideal product for use in rental properties, commercial jobs or any situations where time may be a factor.
  • Pet Zone with Hydrocide – Safe and effective on all synthetic carpets.  Combines the cleaning power of natural oxygen with the odour bonding and encapsulating power of Hydrocide to neutralise odours caused by urine contamination.  Not suitable on wool or silk.
  • TCU, Tannin, Coffee and Urine – TCU neutralises alkaline salts from urine.  For severe urine problems, use along with a deodouriser.
  • Oriental Rug Urine and Odour Sanitiser – A safe, effective cleansing disinfectant to safely sanitise rugs and carpets leaving them free from pet odour and urine smells.

As with all cleaning solutions, use as per the instructions on the label and always test in an inconspicuous area first.


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