What We Do

To do the best possible job you can, you need professional carpet cleaning equipment that looks good, won’t let you down, and a support service that is there when you need it.  That’s where we come in.  Alltec provides machines that are powerful and reliable, a team of dedicated specialists, and an incredible 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Alltec brand products.

Alltec solutions do exactly what they say on the bottle, and as we are a manufacturer we can guarantee that the formulation and quality of our cleaning solutions is second to none.  If you would like to try some of our best-selling products just order your sample or large size trial pack with discounts or money off vouchers!

Do you have equipment that needs servicing or repair?  We have our own dedicated workshop and experienced technicians.  We repair and service any make, any model of HWE machine, not just our own – we stock spares for most machines on the market.  We promise to help you get back up and running as quickly as we can, we know that you work more than just office hours, so we even try to help outside office hours to help you get back to making money!

Meet The Team

They say a company is only as good as the people it keeps – and we believe we keep the very best!  We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team whose ethos is that the customer always comes first.  Plus, they truly are a lovely bunch! So, here are a few words about the whos-who of the Alltec superstars:

Chris Thomas from Alltec.co.uk

Chris Thomas – Managing Director 
Chris began working for Alltec as a workshop technician in 1997, he progressed to Workshop Manager and soon earned himself a reputation as one of the best Carpet Cleaning Machine technicians in the country.  Chris now owns Alltec Network but still oversees repairs and servicing in the Workshop, or you will often find him with his overalls on in the back of a van (rather than at his desk doing paperwork!)

Kerry Thomas from Alltec.co.uk

Kerry Thomas – Director
Kerry is Chris’ wife and partner in the business.  Kerry is the one who oversees the office, accounts, and all things graphic design – from bottle labels to customer machine decals, with the help of her amazing colleagues, oh and of course is in charge of staff treats and pizza Fridays!

Charlie Thomas – Facilities Director  
Charlie does his best to welcome and entertain visitors to Alltec! If you are one of those annoying cold callers trying to sell us cheaper gas – Charlie is the Facilities Director, just so we know who you are next time you call and ask to speak to him!

Michelle Di-Ioia
Many of you will remember Michelle from when she worked in the Warehouse!  She is now an Office Assistant and gets to work in the warm office instead of the cold Warehouse (sorry Dave!)  Michelle has been a godsend to the admin team, and is the person to speak with when you call in the office for orders or queries. She also makes amazing cakes!

Claire Lucking
Claire is the lady you have to thank for lunch if you have attended an event at Alltec recently, she does all the shopping and preparing the lunches for our training schools (we love Claire, she always makes us cups of tea before she does anything else!)

Ben Saunders
Ben is an essential cog in the Alltec wheel, as our Workshop Manager he keeps things running smoothly and oversees the constant production of machines. Ben has a great sense of humour and earns his keep in entertainment value alone but he’s rubbish at making Tea (but improving slowly)!

David Butcher Warehouse Manager

David Butcher
David is our SuperMan Warehouse Manager!  He manages his department with super efficiency and super organisation (see where the Super is coming into this?!)  Orders fly out the door on time, with the correct goods carefully packed, and the shelves are always well stocked.  Plus we LOVE how organised and tidy David is!

Kelvin Harvey
Kelvin is our truckmount specialist and an excellent engineer. He is fast following in the footsteps of Den and Chris to becoming a TruckMount expert. He’s a truly decent guy and we are very pleased to have him on board! (And a plus, his lovely wife, Jo, makes incredible cakes that Kelvin regularly brings in to share!)

Alltec Network
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