What’s happening?!

Alltec Open Day 2020 – Saturday 11th July – Cancelled

So, 2020 happened and then 2021 didn’t quite go according to plan either – need we say more?! Watch this space and keep everything crossed for 2022!

2018 Open Day

We had a fabulous summer and Open Day and there were much frivolities and fun – not least special offers and prizes!

November 26th 2017 – The last big Alltec Christmas Party!

We decided that this year was the last big party (for a while at least!)  Next year it will be a smaller, more intimate affair for staff, friends and family.   But boy, did we live it up that Friday!

Alltec Open Day Saturday 17th July

We raffled off an Alltec Express!  The lucky winner was the fabulous Tony Stewart (and one happy go lucky Charlie who was just pleased to get so much attention from all the guests!!)

TACCA May 2017, Crewe

This was the last year of TACCA as we knew it.  The lovely Derek & Sian West have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to build up a fantastic member-based industry-wide association/alliance. They have now passed the reins to Alex and Martin of The Tile Master, so they can concentrate on the booming business that is their Arcadia Rug Spa – we have been proud to support Derek & Sian and wish them every success with their other business.  We also look forward to seeing where Alex and Martin take us next year!

We ran a cheeky little free competition, guess how many sweets in the tub – which was won by Carl Tunny (hope he didn’t need the dentist after getting through that lot!!)