Pumptec Kit B
Pumptec Kit B 205 Pumphead
Check valves, Seals and 'O' rings.
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QD Wrap
Quick Disconnect Wrap
Protect you and your client from the possible damage created when a steaming-hot quick connect meets with carpet.  Colour may vary
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premium misting bottle from www.alltec.co.uk
Refillable Premium Misting Bottle
A fine misting bottle, ideal for applying cleaning solution or protector to upholstery and fine fabrics without over-wetting the fabric.  The misting spray bottle is strong, lightweight and refillable.  You can even use the misting bottle upside down and it will still provide a sustained spray.  Easier to use than a conventional trigger spray and more eco-friendly than an aerosol. Available in 200ml or 300ml sizes, colour may vary.

Misting bottles are great for sanitiser!

Use with our Envirosafe or Envirosafe Food Safe - Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. For use on all wet cleanable carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces wherever virus and bacteria control is required. Ideal for small space fogging and surface sanitisation. Spray lightly and evenly over surface. Leave product to dry, do not wipe or rinse off. Avoid non-wet cleanable surfaces and fabrics (ie dry clean only) matt paint and other sensitive surfaces - if in doubt pre-test in an inconspicuous area, allow to dry and check suitability before proceeding with full sanitisation.  Use with our QAC Test Strips for effective measuring of product efficacy, see here.

Avoids Over-wetting.

The sprayer is great for work that requires a a consistent spray of fine mist. Perfect for cleaning upholstery or fine fabrics where over-wetting is a concern. By squeezing the trigger you "prime" the sprayer and can spray continuously without breaks in spraying like a standard trigger sprayer. - Just Prime, Aim and Spray - No Solvents or Pressurised Gases - Gives a Consistent Aerosol Type Mist - Safe for the Environment.
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Respirator Cartidges
Respirator Cartridges
Twin Organic Vapour Cartridges ideal for carpet/fabric protectors fits our Safety Respirator.
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Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch used with the Advance and Evolution Machines.
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Rocker Switch Cover
Rocker Switch Cover
Switch Cover for the Rocker Switch used on Advance and Evolution Machines.  Red, Grey or Black for the Heater, Pump and Vacuum.
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Roling Tape Measure
Rolling Tape Measure
Measure square footage quickly and conveniently.  Simply roll this great tool over the carpet, width and length.
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Rotovac Felt Seals
Rotovac Felt Seals (Pair)
Pair of felt seals for the Rotovac 360i, DHX and Powerwands.
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Safety Respirator
Safety Respirator (cartridges sold separately)
Soft pliable hypoallergenic rubber mask is a must when applying protectors or cleaning with solvents.  Requires Cartridges - Not included.
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Safety Glasses
Safety Work Glasses
Clear safety glasses with side shields to help prevent splashes to your eyes whilst mixing chemicals.  Style may vary slightly.
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Shurflo Brush Kit
Shurflo Brush Kit
End Bell Brush Kit to fit Shurflo 100psi diaphragm pump, comes fitted with plug to fit Alltec machines.
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Shurflo Check Valve
Shurflo Check Valve Viton
Viton Check Valve for Shurflo Pumps 8095-902-890, SUK-0151 and most other 230v by-pass pumps.
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Shut Off Valve
This 1/4" ball valve will save you time by shutting off your high pressure line to change from wand to hand tool.
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SP STP 12 Solution Tank Filter
Solution Tank Filter
A small filter for the Solution Tank to stop Debris.
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Splash Proof Switch Cover
Splash Proof Switch Cover
A splash proof switch cover for the Amber, Green and Red Switches used on Aqua, Sahara, Professional Plus, Advantage, Elite and Express Machines.
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Spotting Cloth
Spotting Cloth
Non-woven cloth ideal for spotting when used with the tamping brush.  Pack of 25 cloths.
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Spray Jet Threaded
Spray Jet 1/4 Thread
1/4" Brass jet c/w internal thread for filter.
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Spray Jet Threaded
Spray Jet 1/8 Thread
1/8" Brass jet c/w internal thread for filter.
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Hand Tool Spring from www.alltec.co.uk
Spring for Hand Tool
Spring for Hand Tool
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Sticky Tabs
Sticky Tabs
Keep your tabs attached to the furniture with Sticky Tabs!  Sticky Tabs are easy to apply, sturdy, 3" x 3 1/2" plastic tabs with adhesive on one side.
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Switches, inc splash proof cover
Switches, inc splash proof cover
Colour coded, light up, splash proof switches for the vacuum, pump and mains power.
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Tampico Brush

Tampico brush for professional use for agitation of shampoos and Fabric Pre-Wash to upholstery fabrics.

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Tamping Brush
Tamping Brush
For tamping during spot removal, these professional tools feature the short, extra stiff nylon bristles you need to drive spotting chemicals into stained areas.   PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS ON BACK ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN AMERICA, PLEASE CALL US ON 01763 208222 IF YOU WISH TO ENQUIRE ABOUT ABOUT THE CURRENT LEAD TIME.
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Temperature Gauge
A 50mm Water Temperature Gauge for the Pro Plus, Advantage, Advance and Evolution model machines.
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The Solution Tee
The Solution Tee
The Solution T splits your solution line allowing a wand or powerhead to be used at the same time as your in-line sprayer.
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TileMaster Sealer Applicator Kit
The TileMaster Applicator Kit is perfect for applying sealers to a variety of hard floors.
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Upholstery Bonnet Mitt
Upholstery Mitt
8" synthetic hand bonnet has agitation strips that help remove soils.  Excellent for shampoo cleaning of durable upholstery, for use as a hand bonnet to clean stairs and along walls and can also be placed on small rotary tools for faster cleaning.
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Upholstery Sponge
Upholstery Scrunge Sponge
A dual usage sponge with a soft sponge for gentle agitation and a hard scourer top for hard to remove soils.
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V800 Valve from www.alltec.co.uk
V800 EZ Valve

The new V800-EZ replaces the V800 The new easy squeeze model has the feather light trigger which reduces hand fatigue. New V800-EZ repair kits will fit old valve. New easy squeeze trigger Forged brass valve 800 psi and high temp … Continued

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Vac Attack
Vac Attack
Simple and inexpensive 38mm-50mm (1.5" - 2") adapter to allow using 50mm hose with a 38mm wand or tools like the SX-15.
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Vac Strap
Vac Strap
You can totally eliminate your hoses separating when you're winding them up on the reel, laying them out for the job, going up the side of a building and so on by using the VacStrap!  The Vac Strap is fully adjustable to fit any size hose.
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Vacuum Motor Brushes
Vacuum Brushes for 5.7″ Vac
Pair of Carbon Brushes to fit either the 5.7" 3-stage vacuum motor or the 7.2" 3-stage vacuum motor. Select from the drop down list which Vacuum Motor you have.
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Vacuum Hose Connector
Vacuum Hose Connectors
Joins to Vacuum hose cuffs together.  Available in 50mm (2") or 38mm (1 1/2") vacuum hose to make it easier to clean.
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Vac Motor Cooling Fan from www.alltec.co.uk
Vacuum Motor Cooling Fan
Vacuum Motor Cooling Fan
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Vac Motor Gasket for 3 stage from www.alltec.co.uk
Vacuum Motor Gasket for a 3 Stage 5.7″ Vac Motor
Vacuum Motor Gasket for a 3 Stage 5.7" Vac Motor
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Velvet Carding Brush
Velvet Carding Brush
A must for all upholstery cleaners.  With over 2,000 strands of cadmium plated steel wire this brush will groom and set the nap of fine velvet's with no worry of texture change or damage.
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Velvet Fluffing Brush
Velvet Fluffing Brush
Soft brass wire bristles eliminates the clumping and stiff matted feeling on pile fabrics.  Use to loosen pet hair.
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Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus sprayer fan tips - pack contains 1 x 8001, 8002 and 8004.  
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Teflon Wand Glide
Wand Glides
30cm (12") Teflon/Holes.  Makes wanding easier, quicker and leave carpets dryer.
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Waste Drain Valve
Waste Drain Valve
View the picture to find the correct part code needed for the Waste Drain Valve
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