Acid Rinse
A fibre and fabric acidic rinse.  Apply during or after the cleaning operation to carpets or upholstery fabrics which are non colourfast or likely to give rise to browning problems.  Works by neutralising any alkaline pre-sprays or detergents used which, if left in the fibres, may cause colour migration, resoiling, etc.
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Acid Rinse Concentrate
Works the same as the Acid Rinse but in powder concentrate form.
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Advanced Spot Remover
A handy aerosol solvent based spot remover, similar to Dry Cleaning Solvent.  100% safe on all fabrics and carpet fibres (except bitumen backed carpet tiles etc). Excellent for removing spots and marks, oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues in smaller areas.
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Alltec Neutral Stone Cleaner
This highly active blend of cleaning surfactants is formulated to rapidly dissolve dirt and grease build up from Ceramic tiles, grout and natural stone.
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Solvent Carpet and Upholstery Protector
Alltec Solvent Carpet and Upholstery Protector
Solvent Carpet & Upholstery protector. Flourochemical resin in a spirit base (CFC free), for safe application to fibres for protection from both water and oil based stains, also retards the re-soiling and wear rate.  Works by protecting each and every fibre with an invisible shield making them virtually 100% stain resistant.  Suitable to protect most types of fabrics including non-wet cleanable fabric (excluding bonede and flock).  May be used on most carpets including silk and oriental rugs to prevent loss of sheen.
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Alltec Water Based Carpet Protector Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines Chemicals Solutions Training
Alltec Water Based Carpet Protector
Flourochemical Carpet Protector available in ready-to-use or super concentrate for the best possible value for money.  Ideal for protection from both water and oil based stains, also retards the re-soiling and wear rate.  Works by protecting each and every fibre with an invisible shield making them virtually 100% stain resistant.  Suitable for protecting most types of wet cleanable carpets and soft furnishings. 5L concentrate (dilution ration 1:6 makes a total of 30L of ready to use protector.)
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Ammonia Solution
A high alkaline spotter to be used as part of the stain removal process to reverse or neutralise stain removal treatments, also used to speed up other spotting products.
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Anti Foam
Anti Foam is a concentrated defoamer used in the waste tank to combat unwanted foam build-ups caused by residual shampoo left in the carpet.  Essential costly damage to the vacuum motor.
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Apple Odour Clear
Comes in 5 pleasant fragrances: Cherry (Original), Delicate Apple, Fresh Linen, Warm Spice and Springtime. The Odour Clear can be used to mask unpleasant smells such as  as pet, smoke, cooking, flood damage and body fluid smells or use during cleaning to help remove the wet sheep smell.
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Bio Cleaner – now available in 1L!
A super concentrated antimicrobial, antibacterial cleaner, derived from natural plant oils and environmentally friendly. Suitable for cleaning most textile surfaces in the home. Effective against many viruses, including Norovirus, whilst being safe for use around children, pets and the elderly.  pH neutral and wool safe.
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cherry concentrate odour clean Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines Solutions Equipment Training Alltec Network
Cherry Bomb Odour Clear Concentrate
Odour Clear Cherry Bomb Odour Clear Concentrate is a super concentrated cherry scented in-tank deodouriser.  100ml
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Cherry Odour Clear
Comes in 5 pleasant fragrances: Cherry (Original), Delicate Apple, Fresh Linen, Warm Spice and Springtime. The Odour Clear can be used to mask unpleasant smells such as  as pet, smoke, cooking, flood damage and body fluid smells or use during cleaning to help remove the wet sheep smell.
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Chewing Gum Remover
The most cost-effective way of removing chewing gum.  This blend of solvents will not only dissolve gum but it is also excellent at removing lipstick, tar, plasticine, Blu tac, candle wax etc.  Not to be used on bitumen backed tiles.  Always pre test area first.
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Citrus Fabric Pre-Wash
A blend of natural citrus oils and powerful stain digesters designed to safely cut through body grease and grime on those impossible to clean low-pile fabrics such as cotton prints.  Citrus Fabric Pre-wash will leave the fibres cleaner, softer and smelling citrus fresh and is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results to ensure customer satisfaction every time.
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Citrus Pre Spray
A degreasing agent pre-spray to improve the cleaning performance of hot water extraction cleaning on heavily soiled carpets & heavily soiled traffic lane areas. Helps to break down and emulsify grease and tracked soil, food and beverage spills and emulsify grease & dirt until extracted out with hot water extraction cleaning.
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Citrus Solve Cream Alltec Network Professional Cleaning Machines Solutions Chemicals Training
Citrus Solve Cream
Solvent cream for the effective removal of oil based stains.
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Cotton Dye Fix
Cotton Dye Fix is formulated to fix fugitive dyes on from celloustic fibres on rugs.  Cotton Dye Fix is to reverse the celloustic browning released from natural fibres like rayon, cotton, viscous, sisal or (plant based fibres).  Excellent at reducing browning from cotton fringes. Pack Size 1Lt.
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De-Brown No 1
For use when cleaning white and off-white carpets to prevent browning. Also for the removal of cellulosic browning from wicking by jute or hessian backed carpets and tanning stains on light carpets.
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De-Brown No 2
An acidic solution for removing browning stains from coloured (i.e. non white) carpets.
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Detergent Free Prespray
This detergent free Cleaner is a safe pre-spray using micro-splitter technology.  It will cut into soiling immediately when sprayed, just brush in to the carpet and extract out to leave fibres clean, soft and residue free. No bleaches - No enzymes - No surfactants - No solvents
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Dri-Sol – Dry Cleaning Solvent
A low-toxicity solvent for use with dry cleaning solvent cleaning machines, such as the Sahara on dry-clean only fabrics and upholstery and all fabric types.  The only safe way to clean non-wetable items.  Barely perceptible smell cuts down customer dissatisfaction caused by objectionable solvent odours.
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Dry Cleaning Solvent Spotter
A solvent-based agent for the removal of sticky/greasy substances such as oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues from carpet and upholstery.  100% safe on all materials (except bitumen backed carpet tiles etc).
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Dry Foam Shampoo
A concentrated, low moisture, dry foam for cleaning carpets and upholstery with minimum of wetting.  Contains excellent emulsifiers and germacides.  For use with dry foam and rotary machines as well as for the safe hand cleaning of fabrics.  High foaming, crystallising, alcohol based and quick drying to leave even less residue behind.
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Eco Solve Spotter
An ecologically friendly solvent spot & stain remover with  low toxicity and milder vapour.  For removing grease, oil, tar, wax, lipstick, sticky tape and glue residues.  Suitable for use on most textiles and fibres.
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Envirosafe Dual Action Pre-Cleaner & Sanitiser
Environmentally safe, dual action pre-cleaner and sanitiser. Will safely clean and protect the home by killing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.  Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. For use on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces wherever virus and bacteria control is required.
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Enzyme Pre-Spray
Enzyme Pre-Spray
A powerful powdered enzyme pre-spray for the removal of tough, stubborn protein and grease stains, especially heavily soiled restaurants. Also effective on coffee, blood and urine stains.  With a great fragrance to help combat odours   Suitable for use as a pre-spray or spotter. Available in 4kg & 20kg. pH 11 in solution.
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Fresh Linen Odour Clear
Fresh Linen Odour Clear
Comes in 5 pleasant fragrances: Cherry (Original), Delicate Apple, Fresh Linen, Warm Spice and Springtime. An in-tank anti-bactericidal and anti-fungal deodoriser for carpets and upholstery. Effective in masking unpleasant odours from pets, smoke, cooking, flood damage and bodily fluids odours. Ideal for use after cleaning or spotting to help remove the ‘wet sheep’ smell and very popular with customers as the sweet smell stays in the fabric for days, not just a few hours!
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Gel Solve
A powerful solvent gel ideal for the removal of a wide range of oil based stains such as chewing gum, tar, grease, candle wax, crayon and even polyurethane or epoxy glues.
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High Performance Prespray
A specially formulated high performance pre-spray for improved cleaning of very heavily soiled carpets, for use prior to extraction cleaning, particularly recommended for commercial use.  Dissolves dirt making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient.
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Hunga Bonnet Encapsulation Solution Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines Alltec Network
Hunga Bonnet Encapsulation Solution
A special water-based blend of polymers and surfactants for fast and effective low-moisture cleaning of all wet cleanable carpets and carpet tiles. Efficiently captures and suspends soils when used with bonnet pads and soft brush rotary machines. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour neutralising - leaves no sticky residue, is non-resoiling and offers excellent stain resistance allowing ease of future cleaning.  
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Hydrogen Peroxide
An oxidising agent to help lighten the shaded area that may be left after normal stain removal procedures.  Hydrogen Peroxide may not remove the residual stain but works by slowly turning it colourless, thereby giving the appearance that it has been removed.
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Liquid Ultimate Master
Liquid Ultimate Master is designed primarily for Truck Mounted machines and is a high performance detergent for safe and effective cleaning of synthetic and wool carpets, rugs, fabric and upholstery and over wet cleanable textiles.  Liquid Ultimate Master contains a new anti redepositing agent to help prevent soil from being re-deposited back onto clean items, and keeps items cleaner longer.
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Master Stain Remover
Extremely effective professional carpet and upholstery stain remover for stubborn water-based stains left by everyday spills from food and drink.  Master Stain Remover is a near neutral pH product and is ideally suited for use on wool, synthetic and protected carpets.  Use as the first attempt spotter to lubricate the stain and help release it from the fibres.  Very popular in office or domestic locations to spot clean carpets in-between deep cleans as it leaves no sticky residue.  Only to be used on wet cleanable carpets and upholstery.
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Micro X
Micro X Spotter is a micro splitting spotter; detergent free, water based, all round spotter for wet cleanable carpets and fabrics.
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Mini Spotting Kit
Mini Spotting Kit
Handy mini spotting kit containing all your basic spot clean stain removers, all in a handy storage case for those smaller jobs!
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New Concentrated Ultimate Master Carpet Cleaning Powder
Our best selling Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning treatment has just got better!  Now 30% more concentrated so you use less on each job!  Just 30g per 30L in your clean water tank and you will get amazing results every time!  This is down to the superior cleaning of the daily build-up of dirt and grime on soft furnishings, whilst being kind and caring for today's homes and the occupants.
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