Premium Furniture Blocks
Premium Furniture Blocks
Blue Furniture Blocks are the very best at protecting cleaned carpets, especially from the heaviest furniture where plastic pads are not sufficient. These 2" x 2" x 1" blocks have the highest compressive strength available and will never crush.
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1L Sprayer
1L Bottle with trigger
White 1 litre bottles with finger action trigger sprays.
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Carpet Sliders
Carpet Sliders – Now as an 8 Piece Value Pack!
Designed to allow you to move heavy furniture almost effortlessly, even with one person.  Value pack of 4 x large (20cm) and 4 x small (10cm).
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Grandi Groom
Grandi Carpet Groom
The industry standard in carpet grooming. This versatile tool is great for loosening embedded dirt before you re-vacuum, agitating pre-spray into traffic lanes as well as for final grooming after applying carpet protectors to insure even coverage. Also, use for final finishing after cleaning to leave a beautiful footprint and tool mark free carpet to really impress your customers.
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Over Shoes
Over Shoe Covers
Disposable plastic over-shoes to be slipped over outdoor shoes when entering a home or to give to the client after protecting their carpets.
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White Terry Towels from
White Terry Towels
Absorbent white Terry Towelling used for cleaning and drying upholstery and for spotting. Approx 17" x14". Pack of 10.
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Venus Pump Up Hand Sprayers
Venus Pump Up Hand Sprayers
Venus 1L or 1.5L sprayer with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level.
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Flash Cuff Female
Flash Cuff Female 2″

A unique design ensures that hoses do not get twisted. Flash cuffs swivel and lock.   

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Sale! PPE Suit – Disposable Hooded Suit – Cat 5+6 – Class 3
PPE Suit – Disposable Hooded Suit – Cat 5+6 – Class 3
Chest 124cm, Height 194cms Chest 128cm, Height 194cm Limited supply! Protective Clothing Category III ENISO13982-1:2004 TYPE 5 - Hazardous Particulate Protection EN13034:2005+A1:2009  TYPE 6 - Liquid Splash Protection ENISO13688:2013 CE 0624 Hooded Tear resistant material Reinforced seams Zip fronted Elasticated cuffs & hood Colour vary  
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Flat Jet
Flat Jet
Brass Floorwand Jet in a range of gauges - from 015 to 03
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Dri-Pod Floor Dryer from
Dri-Pod Floor Dryer from Dri Eaze
Dry floors fast with the highly portable Dri-Pod! A specially designed outlet grill directs warm, dry air from above and directs it in a powerful 360° pattern across the floor. Dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood floors faster than ever. At only 10.6 lbs and 15 inches across, the Dri-Pod is perfect for small spaces like closets and stairway landings, too.
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Flash Cuff Male
Flash Cuff Male 2″
A unique design ensures that hoses do not get twisted. Flash cuffs swivel and lock.   
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Oval Upholstery Brush
Oval Upholstery Brush
The Oval Upholstery Brush is available in medium or large sizes and comes with a synthetic hand strap, making it easy to use for agitation. It gives a robust grooming action without any static build-up.
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Corner Guards
Corner Guards
These Corner Guards prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Made of unbreakable, lightweight, non-marking plastic. You may require several sets for each job.
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Plastic Pads
Protective Plastic Pads
In a block of 1000 x 3" or 4" squares. Clear plastic, completely moisture proof.
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Sticky Tabs
Sticky Tabs
Keep your tabs attached to the furniture with Sticky Tabs! Sticky Tabs are easy to apply, sturdy, 3" x 3 1/2" plastic tabs with adhesive on one side.   Please note that sometimes the perforations are difficult to tear, it may be advisable to keep a pair of scissors to facilitate ease of use!
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Tamping Brush
Tamping Brush
For tamping during spot removal, these professional tools feature the short, extra stiff nylon bristles you need to drive spotting chemicals into stained areas.   PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS ON BACK ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN AMERICA. PLEASE CALL US ON 01763 208222 IF YOU WISH TO ENQUIRE ABOUT ABOUT THE CURRENT LEAD TIME.
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Vacuum Hose Connector
Vacuum Hose Connectors/Joiners
Joins two vacuum hoses together. Available in 50mm (2") or 38mm (1.5"). Tip: Warm the connector by putting it in hot water to make it easier to fit!
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Handi Groom
Handi Groom
An all-purpose hand held groomer for stairs, rug fringes and smaller areas. The special spatula on the handle makes it perfect for spotting.
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P Valve Repair Kit HP
P Valve Repair Kit
Floorwand Valve Repair Kit
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gum remover tool
Gum Getter Gum Removal Tool
Can be used with solvents to quickly remove gum. Apply Chewing Gum Remover or Gel Spotter, stroke it in with the Gum Getter and the gum will roll up for easy disposal.
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Spotting Cloth
Spotting Cloth
Non-woven cloth ideal for spotting when used with the tamping brush  Pack of 25 cloths.
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Perky Groom
Perky Groom Carpet Rake
Light-weight groom is ideal for domestic use (makes it perfect for resale to your customers). 30cm (12") head.
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Handy Velcro Strap with Hook or Buckle
Handy Velcro Strap with Hook or Buckle
This stair hook can stay attached to your hose and folds down when not in use. Heavy Nylon-covered hook prevents damage to hooked surfaces. It can also be neatly folded down and stored on your wand.
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Furniture Tabs
Furniture Tabs

3”foil-coated furniture tabs help prevent furniture and rust stains on wet carpet. 

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Upholstery Bonnet Mitt
Upholstery Mitt
This 8" synthetic hand bonnet has agitation strips that help remove soils. Excellent for shampoo cleaning of durable upholstery, for use as a hand bonnet to clean stairs and along walls and can also be placed on small rotary tools for faster cleaning.
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Grandi Groom Carpet Brush
Grandi Carpet Brush
The Grandi Brush is just like the Grandi Groom except that it features nylon brush bristles for greater penetration of pre-sprays on lower profile commercial and multi-loop carpets. Also great for finishing on Oriental and other fine rugs where the Grandi Groom may be too aggressive.
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Rotovac ShearDry Hand Tool
Rotovac ShearDry Hand Tool
The Rotovac ShearDry Upholstery Tool cleans in both directions with no overspray or dripping. Constructed of light weight, super strong, fiberglass reinforced composite, the ShearDry is the most comfortable and effective upholstery tool on the market today  
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Flash Cuff Reducer
Flash Cuff Reducer 2″ – 1.5″

A unique design ensures that hoses do not get twisted. Flash cuffs swivel and lock. Reduces 2" to 1.5" Hose.

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Upholstery Sponge
Upholstery Scrunge Sponge
A dual-usage sponge with a soft sponge for gentle agitation and a hard scourer top for hard-to-remove soils.
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Hose Hanger Large
Hose Hanger
Keep your solution and vacuum hoses neat and organised with the Hose Hanger. Great for carrying lead hoses into the house and hanging extra hoses up and out of the way. Tough 7.5cm wide nylon webbing and strong Velcro make the Hose hanger durable. Choose from 3 sizes: Small 32.5cm, Medium 57.5cm, Large 85cm.
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Hose Bag
Regular Hose Bag (Fits 7.5M Hose)
Made from a heavy gauge waterproof canvas, these hose bags will comfortably hold 1 x 7.5m of 2” hoses, helping keep things neat and tidy whilst protecting your equipment. Zippered and with strong carry handles.
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Orion Pump Up Sprayers
Orion Pump Up Sprayers
Sturdy, premium Orion pump up sprayers with spray lance and selection of nozzle tips. Available in 3L,6L, 9L & 12L
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Safety Gloves
Neoprene Safety Gloves
Chemical-resistant long gloves ideal for hand-cleaning or chemical mixing.
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Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus sprayer fan tips – pack contains 1 x 8001, 8002 and 8004.  
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Water Claw Spot Lifter
Water Claw Spot Lifter
The Water Claw Spot Lifter offers results never before seen for the complete removal of spills and odours in carpet, carpet backing and underlay.
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Dual Upholstery Brush
Dual Upholstery Brush
With a combination of soft wire and horsehair, this brush allows two actions of agitation for cleaning and laying the nap for grooming pile fabrics.
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Bone Spatula
Bone Spatula
Use this traditional yet highly effective spotting tool to agitate and work spotting agents into a spot and lift off excess material. Impervious to practically every spotting chemical, this is an invaluable tool that is no longer made from Bone but a special plastic compound.
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Mesh Hose Bag
This strong, nylon mesh hose bag with large 24" x 36" size and slip-lock closure is perfect for carrying hoses and portables or upholstery cleaning tools and hoses.
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TileMaster Scrubbing Pad A
TileMaster Scrubbing Pad A
The TileMaster Tile & Grout Scrubbing Pad is for use with the TileMaster Floor Machine and is designed to deep clean both your tiles and grout.
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