Grandi Groom
Grandi Carpet Groom
The industry standard in carpet grooming. This versatile tool is great for loosening embedded dirt before you re-vacuum, agitating pre-spray into traffic lanes as well as for final grooming after applying carpet protectors to insure even coverage. Also, use for final finishing after cleaning to leave a beautiful footprint and tool mark free carpet to really impress your customers.
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Oval Upholstery Brush
Oval Upholstery Brush
The Oval Upholstery Brush is available in medium or large sizes and comes with a synthetic hand strap, making it easy to use for agitation. It gives a robust grooming action without any static build-up.
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Tamping Brush
Tamping Brush
For tamping during spot removal, these professional tools feature the short, extra stiff nylon bristles you need to drive spotting chemicals into stained areas.   PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS ON BACK ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN AMERICA. PLEASE CALL US ON 01763 208222 IF YOU WISH TO ENQUIRE ABOUT ABOUT THE CURRENT LEAD TIME.
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Handi Groom
Handi Groom
An all-purpose hand held groomer for stairs, rug fringes and smaller areas. The special spatula on the handle makes it perfect for spotting.
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Perky Groom
Perky Groom Carpet Rake
Light-weight groom is ideal for domestic use (makes it perfect for resale to your customers). 30cm (12") head.
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Grandi Groom Carpet Brush
Grandi Carpet Brush
The Grandi Brush is just like the Grandi Groom except that it features nylon brush bristles for greater penetration of pre-sprays on lower profile commercial and multi-loop carpets. Also great for finishing on Oriental and other fine rugs where the Grandi Groom may be too aggressive.
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Dual Upholstery Brush
Dual Upholstery Brush
With a combination of soft wire and horsehair, this brush allows two actions of agitation for cleaning and laying the nap for grooming pile fabrics.
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Horse Hair Brush
Horsehair Furniture Brush
The horsehair bristles on this brush are securely held in place with stainless steel staples, and the block is solid polypropylene. Thousands of bristles stay firm, even when wet, giving complete agitation without the harsh abrasion of synthetic brushes.
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Handi Brush
Handi Brush
A short, soft bristle light-weight brush, excellent for cleaning automotive fabrics, upholstery, velvet fabrics, Oriental, Persian and quality area rugs.
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Hand Held Grout Brush
Hand Held Grout Brush
Hand held, hard bristled grout line scrubbing brush. 225mm detail brush, Polypropylene block, filled stiff Polyester. Cranked and gripped handle. Great for scrubbing stubborn residues in small areas. The block is chisel-edged at the tip for getting into those difficult, tight corners. Makes light work of even the dirtiest grout lines, ideally use with Alltec's StoneCare range of hard floor cleaning products.
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Velvet Carding Brush
Velvet Carding Brush
A must for all upholstery cleaners. With over 2,000 strands of cadmium-plated steel wire, this brush will groom and set the nap of fine velvets with no worry of texture change or damage.
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Velvet Fluffing Brush
Velvet Fluffing Brush
Soft brass wire bristles eliminate the clumping and stiff matted feeling on pile fabrics. Use to loosen pet hair.
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Tampico Brush
Tampico brush for professional use - for agitation of shampoos and fabric pre-wash on upholstery fabrics.
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Grout Brush
Gekko Grout Brush
Add extra agitation, when necessary, to grout lines with pivoting head. Ideal brushing from a standing position.
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V Shaped Grout Line Brush (with handle or head only)
V Shaped Grout Line Brush (with handle or head only)
Sturdy, V-shaped, hard bristled grout line scrubbing brush.  Makes light work of even the dirtiest grout lines, ideally use with Alltec's StoneCare range of hard floor cleaning products. 240mm Grout scrub brush with swivel connector, stiff Polyester trimmed to a V shaped point plus a swivel joint allows the brush to follow the lines of grout in tiling very easily. Available with 1.28M aluminium handle with polyprop grip or brush head only.
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Carpet Pile Brush
The best option for grooming smooth plush carpet. This brush will set the nap after cleaning and may also be used to agitate traffic areas on commercial-type carpets.
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