Premium Furniture Blocks
Premium Furniture Blocks
Blue Furniture Blocks are the very best at protecting cleaned carpets, especially from the heaviest furniture where plastic pads are not sufficient. These 2" x 2" x 1" blocks have the highest compressive strength available and will never crush.
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Carpet Sliders
Carpet Sliders
Designed to allow you to move heavy furniture almost effortlessly, even with one person.
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Over Shoes
Over Shoe Covers
Disposable plastic over-shoes to be slipped over outdoor shoes when entering a home or to give to the client after protecting their carpets.
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Sale! PPE Suit – Disposable Hooded Suit – Cat 5+6 – Class 3
PPE Suit – Disposable Hooded Suit – Cat 5+6 – Class 3
Chest 124cm, Height 194cms Chest 128cm, Height 194cm Limited supply! Protective Clothing Category III ENISO13982-1:2004 TYPE 5 - Hazardous Particulate Protection EN13034:2005+A1:2009  TYPE 6 - Liquid Splash Protection ENISO13688:2013 CE 0624 Hooded Tear resistant material Reinforced seams Zip fronted Elasticated cuffs & hood Colour vary  
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Corner Guards
Corner Guards
These Corner Guards prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Made of unbreakable, lightweight, non-marking plastic. You may require several sets for each job.
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Plastic Pads
Protective Plastic Pads
In a block of 1000 x 3" or 4" squares. Clear plastic, completely moisture proof.
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Sticky Tabs
Sticky Tabs
Keep your tabs attached to the furniture with Sticky Tabs! Sticky Tabs are easy to apply, sturdy, 3" x 3 1/2" plastic tabs with adhesive on one side.   Please note that sometimes the perforations are difficult to tear, it may be advisable to keep a pair of scissors to facilitate ease of use!
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Furniture Tabs
Furniture Tabs

3”foil-coated furniture tabs help prevent furniture and rust stains on wet carpet. 

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Safety Gloves
Neoprene Safety Gloves
Chemical-resistant long gloves ideal for hand-cleaning or chemical mixing.
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pH Indicator Paper
pH Indicator Paper
To help you identify the pH of a stain or cleaning solution. Easy to use, handy dip sticks. 100 pcs.
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Drop Sheet
Drop Sheets

Heavy duty cotton tarpaulins to protect carpets while you clean upholstery and protect wooden floors when cleaning or moving equipment.

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Heavy Duty Buckets
Heavy Duty Buckets with a metal handle, ideal for professional carpet cleaners. We recommend you use one for fresh water and another for dirty water. Available in black and a second colour (usually yellow but second colour may vary due to stock levels).
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Machine Drip Sheet
Machine Drip Sheets
Always place under your machine or chemicals to prevent possible spill damage to your clients' carpets/floors. Approx 1.5M x 3M.
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DUK corner and stair guard from
The Duk Corner and Stair Guard
To prevent hoses from damaging the corner walls of the stairs we have developed a unique guard that fits most "L" shaped stairs.   PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS ON BACK ORDER FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN AMERICA. PLEASE CALL US ON 01763 208222 IF YOU WISH TO ENQUIRE ABOUT ABOUT THE CURRENT LEAD TIME.
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Duckbill Shears
Duckbill Napping Shears
This is a must for cleaning and installation technicians. The Duckbill design allows flat trimming of piling on the carpet while the curved handles keep fingers above the carpet.
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Safety Respirator
Safety Respirator (cartridges sold separately)
This soft, pliable, hypoallergenic rubber mask is a must when applying protectors or cleaning with solvents. Requires cartridges - not included.
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Respirator Cartidges
Respirator Cartridges
Twin Organic Vapour Cartridges ideal for carpet/fabric protectors - fits our Safety Respirator.
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Machine Cover
The Alltec Machine Cover has been specifically designed to protect your Alltec machine. Made from tough, water resistant, UV resistant, breathable material and designed to be functional as well as protective, the cover has a clear window so you can still operate the controls, a convenient opening for hoses and an open back to keep your vents clear whilst working.     main machine pic
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Lift Buddy
Lift Buddy
The Lift Buddy is perfect when you've got heavy furniture to tab or move! No need to struggle while putting furniture blocks or sliders underneath the heavy couch.
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Safety Glasses
Safety Work Glasses
Clear safety glasses with side shields to help prevent splashes to your eyes whilst mixing chemicals. Style may vary slightly.
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Carpet Awl
Carpet Awl
A carpet awl is the professional tool for disengaging the carpet from the gripper rod.
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Safety Ramp Single
Safety Ramp
Single or twin ramp to fit over your hoses to protect them and prevent slips and falls as people walk over the ramp like a bridge. Single ramp dimensions: 1070mm long X 460mm wide and 95mm high
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Caution Sign
Caution Sign
Wet Caution Sign warns customers you are working with wet hoses and carpets.
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Roling Tape Measure
Rolling Tape Measure
Measure square footage quickly and conveniently. Simply roll this great tool over the carpet, width and length.
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Door Jamb from
Door Jamb
Run your hoses in and keep unwanted temperatures out! Cold air, hot air and animals are kept outside while you continue to work with your hoses through the door.
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