Budget Pump Up 6L Xi Sprayer
Budget Pump Up 6L Xi Sprayer
A sprayer for rough jobs, the Xi6 has a viton equipped pump, GRP lance and comes with a choice of tips.
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1L Sprayer
Hand Trigger
1 litre bottles with finger action trigger sprays.  Available in white.
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In line Sprayer Bottle
In Line Bottle
You can now keep each of your favourite pre-sprays in their own bottles until you wish to use them.
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Orion O Ring Seals Set
Orion O Ring Seals Set
Complete seal kit for all Orion and Xi6 models  
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Orion Pump Up Sprayers
Orion Pump Up Sprayers
Sturdy, premium Orion pump up sprayers with spray lance and selection of nozzle tips. Available in 3L,6L, 9L & 12L
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premium misting bottle from www.alltec.co.uk
Refillable Premium Misting Bottle
A fine misting bottle, ideal for applying cleaning solution or protector to upholstery and fine fabrics without over-wetting the fabric.  The misting spray bottle is strong, lightweight and refillable.  You can even use the misting bottle upside down and it will still provide a sustained spray.  Easier to use than a conventional trigger spray and more eco-friendly than an aerosol.

Misting bottles are great for sanitiser!

Use with our Envirosafe or Envirosafe Food Safe - Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. For use on all wet cleanable carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces wherever virus and bacteria control is required. Ideal for small space fogging and surface sanitisation. Spray lightly and evenly over surface. Leave product to dry, do not wipe or rinse off. Avoid non-wet cleanable surfaces and fabrics (ie dry clean only) matt paint and other sensitive surfaces - if in doubt pre-test in an inconspicuous area, allow to dry and check suitability before proceeding with full sanitisation.  Use with our QAC Test Strips for effective measuring of product efficacy, see here.

Avoids Over-wetting.

The sprayer is great for work that requires a a consistent spray of fine mist. Perfect for cleaning upholstery or fine fabrics where over-wetting is a concern. By squeezing the trigger you "prime" the sprayer and can spray continuously without breaks in spraying like a standard trigger sprayer. - Just Prime, Aim and Spray - No Solvents or Pressurised Gases - Gives a Consistent Aerosol Type Mist - Safe for the Environment. 200ml. Colour may vary but most of our stock is translucent bottle with black cap.
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Respirator Cartidges
Respirator Cartridges
Twin Organic Vapour Cartridges ideal for carpet/fabric protectors fits our Safety Respirator.
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Revolution Sprayer
Revolution In-Line Sprayer
The Revolution in-line sprayers with adjustable dilution rations of 1:4 up to 1:64 with a turn of a knob.  When you come to that heavily soiled area, turn the knob for higher concentrations of cleaner, turn it lower for light soils.
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Safety Respirator
Safety Respirator (cartridges sold separately)
Soft pliable hypoallergenic rubber mask is a must when applying protectors or cleaning with solvents.  Requires Cartridges - Not included.
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Stainless Steel Sprayer 10Lt
Stainless Steel Sprayer 10Lt
10L stainless steel pressure sprayer suitable for water based and solvent based chemicals.
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Stainless Steel Sprayer 6Lt
Stainless Steel Sprayer 6Lt
6L stainless steel pressure sprayer suitable for water based and solvent based chemicals.
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Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus & Orion Sprayers Nozzle Set
Venus sprayer fan tips - pack contains 1 x 8001, 8002 and 8004.  
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Foaming Pump Up Hand Sprayer Venus Alltec Network
Venus 2L Foaming Pump Up Hand Sprayer
With it's foaming nozzle and adapted dip tube our Venus 2L Foamer (with viton seals and stainless spring) will allow the application of foam using most cleaning products designed for that purpose.
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Venus Pump Up Hand Sprayers
Venus Pump Up Hand Sprayers
Venus 1L or 1.5L sprayer with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level
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