Turbo Dryer
Sahara Turbo Dryer
Sahara Turbo Dryer is the perfect product for delivering fast and versatile air movement, and is great for focusing high-pressure air on wet areas beneath carpets and inside walls. Place multiple Turbo Dryers along walls around a room to create continuous airflow for drying after larger floods.
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CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover/Dryer & HEPA Filter Kit
CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover/Dryer & HEPA Filter Kit
CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover & HEPA Filter Kit - available individually. Get high velocity air movement, ultra-low amp draw (only 0.54 Amps) and five positions for drying floors, walls and more – and all in a compact unit that fits anywhere. Use this versatile fan to dry after leaks and spills or for quick drying of carpets after wet cleaning and shampooing. With an amazing 85% less power consumption and carbon footprint than comparable products, the CFM 1000 helps to reduce your impact on the environment.
AIRFLOW:  1157 m3/h
AMPS:  0.54A
DIMENSIONS (H × W × D):  21.8 × 44.5 × 49.5 cm
WEIGHT:  7.5 kg
CONTROL:  On/Off rocker switch
CONSTRUCTION:  Injection molded housing, wire grill. Stackable.
Also available, Airmover HEPA Filter Kit - Converts CFM 1000 low-profile airmovers into air scrubbers. Installs in a minute or less – no tools needed. Use your HEPA Kit to equip your CFM 1000 airmovers for general in-room air scrubbing to remove particulates and improve air quality.
KIT CONTENTS: Wire filter frame, one HEPA filter media, and one prefilter cover, complete instructions
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