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Hunga Bonnet (Encapsulation Solution) NEW!
A special water-based blend of polymers and surfactants for fast and effective low-moisture cleaning of all wet cleanable carpets and carpet tiles. Efficiently captures and suspends soils when used with bonnet pads and soft brush rotary machines. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour neutralising - leaves no sticky residue, is non-resoiling and offers excellent stain resistance allowing ease of future cleaning.  
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Sahara Dry Cleaning Machine
Sahara Dry Cleaning Machine
The Sahara range allows you to clean safely by using a mineral spirit (Alltec Dri-Sol). The machines are made more effective by gently heating the solvent. All our Sahara machines come with 7.5M solvent resistant hose assembly and a curtain cleaning tool, with optional upholstery tool available. For full details, see further down page.   Interested in lease purchase? Your machine could cost you as little as £46 a month! Have a look at our leasing options here.    
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