Sale! 3M 4251+ Half Mask Respirator A1-P2
3M 4251+ Half Mask Respirator A1-P2

Simple and ready to use respirator with an integrated cartridge and filters. Enhanced valve assembly helps to reduce exhalation breathing resistance and the close-fitting, non-silicone, textured face seal is soft and non-allergenic. Includes a resealable bag for hygienic storage and transportation. Effective and comfortable protection against organic vapours and hazardous particulates. These are maintenance free and ready to use which makes them the most convenient dust masks on the market. Designed to sit comfortably on the face with adjustable head cradle and neck straps, while at the same time providing high performance and P2 protection against A1 organic gases and vapours. The 3M 4000 Series masks are super easy, just attach to your face and start working, the built in filters means you don't have to keep changing them.

  • Organic vapour and particulate respirator
  • Unique design with integral filters
  • Exempt from the maintenance requirements of coshh regulations if disposed of within the month
  • Flexible, soft, non-allergenic face piece
  • Exhalation valve for effective removal of heat and moisture build up
  • Resealable bag provides clean and convenient storage between uses
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Brass Top Hat Filter for T or Flat Jets
Brass Top Hat Filter for T or Flat Jets
Brass Top Hat Filter for T or Flat Jets
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CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover & HEPA Filter Kit
CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover & HEPA Filter Kit
CFM1000 High Velocity Air Mover & HEPA Filter Kit - available individually. Get high velocity air movement, ultra-low amp draw (only 0.54 Amps) and five positions for drying floors, walls and more – and all in a compact unit that fits anywhere. Use this versatile fan to dry after leaks and spills or for quick drying of carpets after wet cleaning and shampooing. With an amazing 85% less power consumption and carbon footprint than comparable products, the CFM 1000 helps to reduce your impact on the environment.
AIRFLOW:  1157 m3/h
AMPS:  0.54A
DIMENSIONS (H × W × D):  21.8 × 44.5 × 49.5 cm
WEIGHT:  7.5 kg
CONTROL:  On/Off rocker switch
CONSTRUCTION:  Injection molded housing, wire grill. Stackable.
Also available, Airmover HEPA Filter Kit - Converts CFM 1000 low-profile airmovers into air scrubbers. Installs in a minute or less – no tools needed. Use your HEPA Kit to equip your CFM 1000 airmovers for general in-room air scrubbing to remove particulates and improve air quality.
KIT CONTENTS: Wire filter frame, one HEPA filter media, and one prefilter cover, complete instructions
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Hyfro-Filter In-Line Filter
Hydroforce – Hydro-Filter In-Line Waste Filter
The advanced polymer is designed to withstand impacts and high temperatures and allows you to impress your customers by showing them how much soil is being removed, something not possible with opaque filters.  The stainless steel filter protects your vacuum motor from harmful debris and maximises your machines CFM output.  Additionally, the screw on lid eliminates broken latches so you can focus on your work, not on repairs. Includes outer housing and mesh filter.    
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