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Truvox Multiwash II (340) Accessories
Accessories for the Truvox Multiwash II (340)
From coloured brushes for coded cleaning and specialist brushes, to a 4L water tank upgrade:
  • Brushes for normal (Soft), maintenance (Standard) and intensive (Hard) scrubbing:
  • Standard Brushes - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (pack of 2) or Black (individual)
  • Side Brush - black (single)
  • Hard Brush - Blue (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Escalator Brush - Blue (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Soft Brush - Grey (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Trolley
  • 4 Litre Tank for conversion of the 340
Please note some items will only be available by special order.
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Sale! Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Accessories for the 38cm Cimex: Medium scrub - polypropylene  - yellow brush, Standard scrub - nylon - white brush, Shampoo brushes - white, Drive disc. Accessories for the 48cm Cimex: General purpose scrubbing - fibre (biscuit), Light scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Medium scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Standard scrub - nylon - white, Shampoo brushes - white, Abrasive scrub - bronze/polyprop mix (white/bronze), Extra heavy duty scrub - tynex - grey brush, Velcro drive disc, Drive disc, Crimped wire - chequer plate cleaning (commercial), Encap pads 8" - box of 15, Shampoo brushes - white.  
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Sale! Orbis Duo Eco Accessories
Orbis Duo Eco Accessories
Accessories for the Orbis Duo Eco: Polypropelene Scrubbing Brush, Flexi Drive Disc, Carpet Shampoo Brush, Brassine Polishing Brush - wet or dry use, Palmyra Floor Brush - dry use only, Anti Splash Skirt and Solution Tank
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Truvox Multiwash II 340
Truvox Multiwash II 340
The Multiwash II 340 scrubber-dryer is a multi-purpose and effective floor-cleaning machine that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Featuring a rotating drum that removes the water and dirt from the brushes, you gain a spotless floor that’s ready to walk on in minutes. For Brushes, Pads and Accessories, see HERE.
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