Alcohol Cleaner


Alcohol based cleaner specifically formulated for safe use on finished leather.


The Alcohol cleaner is an extremely versatile leather surface preparation.  It is specifically formulated for safe use on pigment coated leather.

This will give leather a clinical clean.

It is great for:

  • Dye transfer removal
  • Ink removal
  • Preparation for restoration and recolouring

Alcohol based cleaner is a professional product specifically formulated for safe use on finished leather by trained and qualified technicians.


Alcohol cleaner has multiple uses in the leather cleaning, repair and restoration process

  • Step 2 of the Ink Removal Process
  • Step 2 of the Dye transfer Removal Process
  • Stubborn stains on single colour pigment and coated leather
  • Preparation product for re-colouring work leaves a surgically clean surface to ensure good adhesion of pigments
  • Washing back Antique finishes
  • Removing colour tests
  • Removing loose finish prior to refinishing

Instructions for use

Solvent based cleaner specifically formulated for leather

  • Always test prior to use
  • Use on a clean white cloth
  • Ensure cloth is kept very wet with product to avoid dry rubbing
  • Use with a gentle wiping motion or gentle dabbing action, NEVER scrub
  • During use always check cloth regularly for signs of colour loss
  • If colour loss is evident stop and dry the leather well before assessing the situation

For removing unstable finish

  • Load a white cloth with product
  • Apply to the leather
  • Allow to dry until the surface becomes slightly ‘tacky’
  • Rub with hand to remove finish until it becomes stable
  • Proceed with refinishing


Care should be taken when using this product on Two Tone or Antique leather as the top coatings are very variable and can be more unstable on contact areas, therefore may be more prone to being removed using this product.  Never spray Alcohol Cleaner.  Alcohol Cleaner can be diluted if required with water

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