Aniline Leather Cleaner


Non surfactant cleaner specifically formulated for Aniline style Leather, cleans the surface effectively without soaking into the leather.  Enhances the colour on light fading.


Aniline Leather Cleaner is a revolutionary new cleaning product for Aniline style and absorbent leather.  It is unique, highly specialist non foaming, non detergent cleaner with stain removing properties and fantastic re-hydration for tired and faded leather.  It also helps keep leather in the best condition.

Used by Aniline leather manufacturers as their product of choice.

Superb cleaner and stain remover

  • Cleans the surface effectively
  • Removes stains
  • Enhances the colour on light fading

Aniline Leather Cleaner is a non foaming product, it does not contain detergents which should not be used on absorbent leathers

Aniline Leather Cleaner used for

  • Cleaning
  • Rejuvenation of colour on light fading
  • Rehydration and ‘conditioning’ of aniline style leather
  • Stain Removal and spot cleaning

Aniline Leather Cleaner can be used on

  • Aniline
  • Pull Up
  • Semi Aniline
  • Micropigment

Instructions for use:

Aniline Cleaner is best applied with a trigger spray applicator

When cleaning Aniline leather you will always see residues of dye on your cloth – this is perfectly normal and does not damage the leather and will not be sufficient to reduce the colour

For general cleaning:

  1. Spray product lightly over the leather or on to a white lint free cloth
  2. Rub into the leather
  3. Dry – this can be accelerated with a hairdryer
  4. Repeat if cloth shows evidence of surface dirt and soiling

For stains:

  1. Apply Aniline Leather Cleaner liberally to a lint free cloth
  2. Rub into the stained area so the cleaner penetrates the stain
  3. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer
  4. Repeat if necessary
  5. If stain has not been completely removed use in conjunction with Aniline Stain Remover

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