Gekko Brush Tool 14″


Attaches to the new style Gekko wand. The brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation. The spray bar has been removed and the jets screw directly into the head, eliminating poor performance caused by clogging openings and reducing maintenance expenses.

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The gekko brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation in addition to high pressure cleaning. The unique housing design allows the jets to screw directly into the metal head instead of the older design using a spray bar that goes across the manifold. This prevents clogs caused by string, paper and other debris, and increases air flow and performance. The elimination of excess brass components also significantly decreases maintenance expenses.


  • 2,000 PSI rating
  • 1.5” port
  • Two 8001 side jets; two 11001 center jets
  • Easy jet change, no special tool required

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