Leather Pre Clean


Easy to use Leather pre-cleaner for all Pigment Coated Leathers.


Pre Clean used on pigment coated (finished) leather is a must for all your leather cleaning processes

Water based
Non detergent
Starts the cleaning process
Saves time
Saves money
Pre Cleaning your leather furniture prior to deep cleaning will ensure your leather is correctly hydrated and will cut down on cleaning time
Use on all areas of the furniture but the outside back and arms of the leather may not then require deep cleaning as Pre Clean will have been effective enough on these areas which do not get as used and dirty as the contact areas

Use prior to deep cleaning Leather Pre Clean actively starts the cleaning process on Pigment Coated and Finished leathers

May reduce the need for deep cleaning on non contact areas

Easy to use pre cleaner for

Pigment Coated Leather
Finished Leather
Bicast Leather
Bonded Leather

Pre Clean is best applied with a trigger spray applicator

Spray product on to leather
Wipe with a lint free cloth
Check soil levels on cloth and repeat as necessary

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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