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The unique Monster Brush achieves lightening, super fast speeds when stripping seals and cleaning Stone Floors.  These outstanding and robust brushes work like a dream on uneven surfaces such as slate and flagstone, providing incredible savings on labour and chemical cost. Sold as a set of 5 of the same grit. Drive board sold separately.

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The Fastest, Easiest and Best Stripping/Cleaning Brush System on the Planet!

Undoubtably the Monster Brush Blue (180 Grit) is the biggest ever breakthough to greatly assist in stripping old seals and waxes.

Where to Use: For any stone surface, especially Riven Slate and York Flagstone etc. Brushes flex more than Grey or Purble Monster Brushes


  • Cuts labour time by up to 75%
  • Cuts chemical costs dramatically
  • Huge savings on every job
  • More pressure per square inch than any other stripping brush
  • Fully reversable to allow even wear of brush heads
  • Optional grades for more difficult surfaces
  • Amazing cutting ans stripping speeds
  • Use just water in many circumstances
  • Extremely High Durability
  • Can be used on ANY stone surface
  • Fully detachable – can be used on stairs

No need for multiple drive boards – Simply detach and replace with whatever brush required. Drive board sold separately.


Nu-Life Floor Care quote, ‘For the past 10 years in our own restoration business, we have used numerous types of brushes, compounds, stripping solutions, and I hate to say this, those downright, potentially dangerous and obnoxious chemicals. All this, in a frantic effort to remove some of the near impossible, multi-level surface seals, which may have been applied over many years. These could include acrylic, solvent and water based topical seals, found on some of the most challenging, uneven and porous stone surfaces There just had to be a faster, easier and safer method. Following many hours trialing and testing on all types of stone floors, the Monster Brush Segments were finally discovered and the Ultimate, Game Changing Super Brush, which is destined to amaze the stone cleaning industry, was born.’

These outstanding and robust brushes, work like a dream on uneven surfaces, such as slate and flagstone, providing incredible savings on labour and chemical costs.

Use the Monster Brush with our Wax & Residue Remover and you’ll have the mother of all stripping and cleaning systems.

Sold as a set of 5 in the same grit.  Drive board sold separately.

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Weight 5 kg

46, 80, 180


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