TileMaster Stone & Tile Stripper


Tile Master Stone & Tile Stripper is ideal to clean and remove built up surface sealers and topical coatings, including yacht varnish and 2 parts solvent sealer that are present on tiles around your home.
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What will it Clean

  • Tile Master Stone & Tile Stripper is ideal to clean and remove built-up surface sealers and topical coatings.
  • It is also very effective on yacht varnish and 2 parts solvent sealer that is present on tiles around your home.
  • Perfect for york stone and previously sealed stone and tiles.

Warning:  Ensure Stone & Tile Stripper does not contact any surrounding surfaces, plastic areas or painted surfaces.  Ventilate working area (always pre-test a small area).

Where to use

  • Perfect for use in your kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom or anywhere around your home you have old sealer to strip and remove.



  • Strips coating from both tiles and grout.
  • Removes surface sealer without damaging the tile surface.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Removes even the toughest lacquers and varnish.
  • Ready to use & very fast acting


How To Use

Apply Tilemaster Stone & Tile Stripper to surface and leave to act for 5 – 10 minutes, keeping it wet to ensure the product does not dry up on the floor. Then scrub the floor using the Tile Master Machine with Pad C or Pad A & Tile Master Dia-mond Dust for best results. Alternatively scrub the floor with a stiff scrubbing brush or appropriate pad. Once desired result is achieved remove all dirty water with a clean mop, sponge or cloth. Rince well with fresh clean water to ensure floor is cleanand desired results have been achieved. On the thick coating multiple application may be required.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

250ml, 5lt


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