Alltec Advance Carpet Cleaning machines are the most popular portable Carpet Cleaning machines that we currently build.

There are hand built in our UK based workshop by our team of well trained technicians.  The Advance comes with many different options so that you can tailor the machine to suit what you need.  And also customise with your own colours, decals and company logo.

The Advance come with the 4 choices of pump, the pump comes in 100psi, 150psi, 600psi and 1200psi.  You can also choose between twin and triple Vacuum motors.

The body of the machine is the same for all models and from the outside, apart from the Vacuum Switches and Pressure Gauge you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the machines.

Auto Pump Out and Auto Fill are other options that can be included when the machine is being built.  Although these are classes as ‘upgrades’ they will need to be added when the machine is first build as involves making changes to the machine body when it is being built.

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Advance 100

Advance 150

Advance 600

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