Advance 1200 is the perfect single-operator carpet and hard floor-cleaning machine.

The Advance 1200 can be used for both Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning.   You have control of 0-1200psi so that you can have high-pressure and water delivery to use professional tools like the Hydroforce SX-15 with a portable. You can clean with truck-mount-like performance at a fraction of the cost!

For the first time a great looking machine with outstanding performance to blast the dirtiest tiled or hard floors and still clean carpets!

Due to the weight of this machine many carpet cleaners have up-graded the Advance 1200 to a Triple Vacuum machine, which allows them to leave the machine on the van or down stairs and run longer hoses, therefore making this the perfect single-operator hard-floor cleaning machine.

The Advance 1200 is a true Tile & Grout cleaning portable machine. The high-pressure pump can be reduced so you can clean carpets, upholstery as well as blast the dirtiest hard-floors!

The Advance 1200 gives you outstanding cleaning power for hard floor cleaning and works perfectly with the Gekko range of hardfloor tools, as well as the high-pressure rotary arm tools like the HydroForce SX-15.

The Advance 1200 is fitted with a robust PumpTec 17.65 Bar (1,200 psi) solution pump, which allows you to clean hard-floors with truck mount like performance.

For water recovery the Advance 1200 comes with twin Lamb vacuum motors, which are all set in parallel for much higher airflow. Unlike most suppliers that claim they have high ‘water-lift’ from setting up their vacuum motors in ‘series’ (not recommended by Lamb) we set up ours in side-by-side to give you the maximum airflow for faster cleaning and quicker drying times, even working at 45 metres away (150’).

It’s fitted with our integral whisper-quiet silencer system, which allows high-performance and fast cleaning yet still works quieter when cleaning in noise sensitive areas.

The ability to use a rotary arm tool like the SX-15 for hard floor cleaning (or tile & grout cleaning as it’s known) could dramatically increase your profits.

Until now you would of had to use a very large pressure cleaner and a ‘wet-pick-up’ or a ‘truck mounted’ machine to do the work of the Advance 1200 – so this machine can save you time cleaning and additional costs in extra equipment or larger vehicles to carry them, the ‘Advance 1200’ fits easily in most small vans.

Another great benefit is the layout of the control panel with the easy-to-read gauges for solution pressure, solution temperature and vacuum pressure. With the new splash proof switches you have total control of the machine.

With the Advance 1200 you will have cleaner and drier hard floors, and as you’re able to clean faster – you’ll earn more money than before.

With the high-pressure pump the ADVANCE 1200 allows you use optional tools to clean ‘Tile & Grout’ very quickly …

Today more and more homes and commercial properties have tile and grout fitted. Until now only people with truck mounts could ‘cash-in’ on this profitable ‘add-on’ for carpet cleaners.

Now you can use the same tools as the ‘truck-mount’ owners use to quickly blast years of dirt from floors safely, effortlessly and cleanly,without damaging skirting boards or cupboards.

For more information and prices click HERE to download the Machine Specification and Comparison Guide.