Aqua 50 professional carpet cleaning machine

Aqua 50 Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Aqua 50 professional carpet cleaning machine is the largest of the three mid-sized Aqua range of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.

This machine has the perfect track record as it has been designed and tested by carpet cleaners and hand-built by our team of craftsmen in Hertfordshire to a very high standard. The Aqua 50 professional carpet cleaning machine is simply a very popular mid-sized machine with great looks, superb manoeuvrability and above all else it has an outstanding professional cleaning power that will give a boost to any business.

The Aqua 50 professional carpet cleaning machine is a great all-round performing machine with contemporary styling and distinctive livery it is way ahead of the competition and at under £1450 it represents tremendous value-for-money!

•    New Robust 3-stage vacuum motor with metal housing for higher air-flow and longer life (optional upgrade to twin vacuum motors for better solution recovery and quicker drying)

•    A smoother running solution pump delivering 5 Bar (70 psi) of pressure  (optional upgrade to 7 Bar (100 psi) of working pressure)

•    An up-dated forced air cooling system to prevent overheating and prolong the life of the motors

•    Improved “Whisper Quiet” noise reduction system, for a better working environment

•    Robust stainless steel floor wand with easy-glide head for better overall cleaning performance.

The AQUA 50 professional carpet cleaning machine comes with a durable self-priming 5 Bar (70 psi) Shur-flo solution pump.  This will deliver a steady supply of cleaning solution for cleaning up to 30 metres away.

The solution recovery is performed by a powerful and robust Lamb 145mm (5.7”) 3-stage vacuum motor.

To extend the vacuum motor life there is an automatic electric shut-off switch to prevent over filling the waste tank and forced air-cooling to prevent the motors over-heating.

For cleaning you will have as standard a 30cm stainless steel floor wand with easy-glide head and a 7.5 metre hose assembly consisting of crush-proof vacuum hose and a hi-pressure solution hose.

To really make the Aqua something very special we have given you ‘optional up-grades’ to help improve the performance of your cleaning … simply select which items are important to you from the ‘Optional Up-Grades’ list or select the Aqua 50 PLUS professional carpet cleaning machine.

The Aqua 50 PLUS professional carpet cleaning machine, is compete with all the performance enhancing optional extras like…
Twin vacuum motors for greater air-flow and faster drying, will also allows you to work 30 metres away from the machine.

This comes in very handy for leaving the machine in one central point and running hoses upstairs … a must for commercial cleaning.

A new 7-bar (100psi) solution pump with variable pressure controller gives you the choice of high or low pressure to suit any cleaning job.

A powerful integral 3kW heater that will rapidly heat your water from 20ºC – 90ºC within minutes.

Rear stair climbing wheels and a stainless steel fold over handle make it easier to manoeuvre the machine making it ideal for single operator usage.

To help keep your machine in full working order, an hour clock will record the time between services.

Aqua 50 PLUS professional carpet cleaning machine with all the up-grades produces one of the best, high performing and popular machines available in the UK and that’s why we offer a full 28-day no-questions-asked 100% no-risk money back guarantee.

For more information and prices click HERE to download the Machine Specification and Comparison Guide.