1200 Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine gives you 0-1200psi cleaning pressure so you can have ‘high-pressure’ and water delivery allow you use professional tools like the SX-15 on a portable for hard floor cleaning and restoration.

Now you can really clean with ‘truck-mount-like’ performance, the auto-fill and auto-empty enables you to clean large areas of hard floor or carpets without having to stop to re-fill and empty every few minutes … And at a fraction of the cost!

The roto-moulded body is tough and long lasting and will withstand everyday commercial use, yet is good looking to use in any high-end home.

The  Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine is a true ‘Tile & Grout’ cleaning portable machine.  The high-pressure pump can be reduced so you can clean carpets, upholstery as well as blast the dirtiest hard-floors!

The robust Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine may be small, but it packs a mighty punch!

From it’s light weight body the ‘Elite 1200’ gives you outstanding cleaning power for hard floor cleaning and works perfectly with the Gekko range of hardfloor tools, as well as the high-pressure ‘rotary arm’ tools like the SX-15.

The  Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine is fitted with a robust PumpTec 17.65 Bar (1,200 psi) solution pump.  We have also included an auto-fill system with integral chemical metering system, which allows you to clean hard-floors with ‘truck mount like’ performance.

For water recovery the Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine comes with twin 3-stage Lamb vacuum motors in ‘series’ and can allow you to clean up 30 metres away (100’).

As hard floor cleaning uses more water than carpet cleaning we have installed an ‘auto-empty’ pump which can remover 75 litres of waste water per minute allowing you more time to clean and less carrying buckets.

The machine is ideal for commercial hard floor and carpet cleaning and can stand up to the everyday battering, while still being good looking and easy to move.

With the Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine you have a machine power to clean and restore the dirtiest floors and carpets, plus the with auto-fill and auto-empty you’ll have less down time carrying buckets so you’ll earn more money than before.

The Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine is a powerful tool which will deliver great cleaning for a long time to come.

With the high-pressure pump the ELITE 1200 allows you to use optional tools to clean ‘Tile & Grout’ very quickly …

Today more and more homes and commercial properties have tile and grout fitted. Until now only people with truck mounts could ‘cash-in’ on this profitable ‘add-on’ for carpet cleaners.

With the Elite 1200 professional carpet cleaning machine you can use the same tools as the ‘truck-mount’ owners use to quickly blast years of dirt from floors safely, effortlessly and cleanly, without damaging skirting boards or cupboards.

SX-15 – High Power Cleaning Tool

The SX-15 with the rotary arm slices dirt and grime off hard floors using ‘high-pressured’ water and sucks up the dirty water in one easy action.  Easy front-to-back or side-to-side motion. Works on uneven stone, tile or smooth concrete. Light-weight. Non-fatiguing: glides easily over the floor.

The Gekko Floor Wand comes with interchangeable heads.  You can choose from the 14” brush, 14” squeegee head or even the 90º corner tool.

For more information and prices click HERE to download the Machine Specification and Comparison Guide.