Alltec Sahara and the Sahara Pro dry cleaning machines are the only safe and effective way to clean silk, satin, traditional velvets and viscose velour’s.  The Alltec Sahara’s allow you to clean safely by using an odourless mineral spirit making it safe to use in-situ.  Both Sahara’s are made more effective by HEATING the solvents for greater cleaning ability.

Dry cleaning is the only effective AND SAFE way to clean curtains in-situ, even theatre or stage curtains can be cleaned and of course delicate fabrics like silk, satin, traditional velvet’s and viscose velour’s can be safely cleaned.

The ALLTEC SAHARA allows you to clean safely by using an odourless mineral like our – Dri-Sol Cleaning Solvent and more effectively by heating the solvent for greater cleaning ability.

This compact, easy-to-carry and highly manoeuvrable machine couldn’t be simpler to operate for on-site dry cleaning of curtains and upholstery.  Even stage curtain cleaning is made easy with the SAHARA.

The ALLTEC SAHARA machine is dual-purpose.  As well as cleaning curtains, silk fabrics, tapestries and velvets with dry cleaning solvents – it can also be used for ‘wet’ cleaning (normal hot water extraction).

All this makes the SAHARA the perfect machine to enhance your reputation as an all-round professional cleaner – and making your business more profitable.

For more information and prices click HERE to download the Machine Specification and Comparison Guide.