Vacuum Brushes for 7.2″ Vac
Pair of Carbon Brushes to fit either the 5.7" 3-stage vacuum motor or the 7.2" 3-stage vacuum motor. Select from the drop down list which Vacuum Motor you have.
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Terracotta Cleaner & Maintainer
This new and highly advanced specially formulated product is a professional after-care cleaner/maintainer for terracotta floors.  Designed to cut through and remove general dirt and soils with ease.  It leaves a natural looking sheen to enhance the stone’s colours and appearance.
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Monster Brush
Monster Brush
The unique Monster Brush achieves super-fast speeds when stripping seals and cleaning stone floors. These outstanding and robust brushes work like a dream on uneven surfaces such as slate and flagstone, providing incredible savings on labour and chemical costs. Sold as a set of 5 of the same grit. Drive board sold separately.
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Carpet Awl
Carpet Awl
A carpet awl is the professional tool for disengaging the carpet from the gripper rod.
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Sapphire Upholstery Pro
Sapphire Upholstery Pro
Now you can effectively clean a wide range of fabrics and soiling conditions with just one tool. Precision flow control allows for easy adjustments and the unique continuous flow design allows you to extract in both directions for the best clean possible. Ideal for use with portable hot water extraction machines.
DIMENSIONS: Head: 4 in. extraction width. Hose assembly: 10 ft.
CONSTRUCTION: Head: High performance nylon resin Glide: Engineering thermoplastic Hose assembly: High-flex vacuum hose Fittings: Brass with high-temp seals
  • Unique dual extraction slots permit full extraction in both directions across fabric surfaces
  • In-line solution strainer helps prevent clogging
  • Solution flow controlled by inline orifice for maximum heat and flow
  • Sliding vacuum release allows for easy vacuum adjustments on the fly
  • Trigger valve and glide can be changed in minutes with simple hand tools.
  • Lightweight and highly flexible hose coupling is easy to manoeuvre, even in tight places
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IICRC Upholstery & Fabric Care Training School from
IICRC Complete Carpet Care (CCT)
The Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) course is designed to teach the skill and science of carpet cleaning to individuals & businesses that want to offer a professional confident service. Emphasis is placed on practical application, identifying fibre, yarn and carpet constructions, dyes, style types and finishes, soiling conditions, cleaning science and methodology. When faced with on-the-job training and field experience, the technician will be adequately prepared to carry out the carpet cleaning techniques and procedures. The course is designed to cover pre-inspection, fabric identification, basic cleaning chemicals and equipment, and proper cleaning techniques and procedures with a residential and light commercial emphasis. This 2 day school is theory based. The exam is optional although required to receive the certification at a cost of £65.00 paid to the IICRC - registering before the training school is required. Both days will start at 9.00am and finish approx. 5.00pm. We will provide lunch and refreshments throughout the day. All materials needed for the school will be provided for you. Please select from the drop down menu below the date you would like to attend this school.   Please read below for full course details. Booking T&C's can be found here.
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A Urine Stain & Odour Remover and Sanatiser from
Urine Stain & Odour Remover – 4x5L Case Rate
Urine Stain & Odour Remover is a fast-acting and powerful odour neutraliser and sanitiser that eliminates both the stain and the odour in Carpets and Upholstery. Ready to use. 4x5L Discounted Case Rate
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Aqua 40 / Aqua 50
Aqua 40 / Aqua 50
The Aqua range offers small, compact, light-weight and robust carpet cleaning machines - perfect for spot cleaning but also powerful enough for the largest of jobs. The Aqua 40 is the smallest of our range but still a powerful and professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine. For full details, see further down page. Interested in lease purchase? Your machine could cost you as little as £47 a month! Have a look at our leasing options here.

Please note that there are lead times on all machine orders as each one is built to customers' specifications.  Please check current lead times by calling us on 01763 208222 or emailing [email protected]

Warranty: all of our machines come with a one-year or five-hundred-hours (whichever soonest) 'Return to Base' warranty. Please see our Warranty notice here.

For our full T&C's click here.

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TileMaster Bug Kit

The hand-held Bug Kit come with two TileMaster pads. The orange pad is the same as TileMaster pad D, and the green pad is softer - ideal for cleaning leather and agitating pre-sprays.

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York & Flagstone Sealer
York & Flagstone Sealer
This Specialist York & Flagstone Sealer, bonds to the stone and applies a protective, hard wearing and extremely durable natural finish that enhances the stones natural colours.  Also provides a protective coating.
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Tile & Grout Restorer
Tile & Grout Restorer has been specifically formulated for the restoration of ceramic & porcelaine tiles and should only be used when alkaline based cleaners have little or no effect.
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Granite Cleaner
A highly concentrated and fresh fragranced cleaning solution for daily or routine cleaning of granite and most other natural stone.  Produces outstanding cleaning results, even on heavily soiled Granite.  Exceptional when removing grease and ground-in soils.
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Sandstone and Limestone Sealer
Contains a unique blend of Acrylic Resins and Co-polymers which bonds to the stone and applies a protective, hard wearing, extremely durable, natural finish that enhances colour within the stone.  Also provides excellent results on worn, dull or rough textured tiles, brick sets, clay and quarry tiles.
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Furniture Scourer Pad
Furniture Scourer Pads
To scour hard-to-move soils from flat weave upholstery fabrics like cotton prints prior to extraction cleaning.
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SX-15 Hard Surface Tool
Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool
The Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool features a 15” cleaning path - larger than standard hard surface tools. Compatible with portables and truckmounts.
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hose assembly
50mm (2″) Hose Assembly
205 Bar (3000psi) solution hose and a vacuum hose - inc male and female solution connectors and end cuffs - joiners sold separately. If you require different solution connectors, please leave a note during checkout.
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S Bend Stair Wand
S-Bend Stair Wand
This polished stainless steel Stair Wand with a special 'S' bend style short handle is ideal for stairs, small bedrooms, bathrooms, landings etc. Saves loss of time by using a 25cm (10") rather than your 10cm (4") hand tool. With adjustable plastic coated handle and twin spray jets, capable of 500psi.
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Shurflo Check Valve
Shurflo Check Valve Viton
Viton Check Valve for Shurflo Pumps 8095-902-890, SUK-0151 and most other 230v by-pass pumps.
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3/8″ bsp Elbow 8mm Plastic
3/8″ bsp Elbow 8mm Plastic
3/8" bsp Elbow 8mm Plastic
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Rotovac 360i

The Rotovac 360i is an excellent tool for cleaning carpet, tile and grout in one effortless, self-propelled motion, with interchangeable heads to suit any job.

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TileMaster Shield Dressing
A low odour, durable, bright shine dressing suitable for high wear areas. Perfect for use on LVT
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Car Cleanse UK Training School
Car Cleanse UK Training School

Car Cleanse UK two day training course is aimed at owner / operator carpet cleaning professionals looking to add a lucrative, niche service to their existing business. This training course is now limited to new Car Cleanse UK operators, if you are interested in joining the network you are welcome to apply HERE.

Car Cleanse UK is a growing network of professional carpet cleaning operators who deal specifically with automotive problem solving relating to:

  • Cigarette and pet odours

  • Drink spillages

  • Bodily fluids

  • Mould removal

  • Complete interior sanitising

  • Upholstery cleaning & protection


Please read below for full course details. 

Booking T&C's can be found here.

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Algea Moss & Mildew Remover
A specialist product for the fast removal and prevention of Algea, Moss and Mildew from all outdoor surfaces such as decking, PAtios, Drives, Block Paving, Concrete, Tarmac, Walls, Paths, Brickwork, Garden Furniture, including Conservatories, Greenhouses, Sheds and most items including Wood, Plastic and PVC
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Stainless Steel Sprayer 6Lt
Stainless Steel Sprayer 6Lt
6L stainless steel pressure sprayer suitable for water based and solvent based chemicals.
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Y Vacuum Connector
Y Vacuum Connector
Use this Y connector to split your single hose so you can dual wand with ease. Available in 38mm (1.5") or 50mm (2").
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Stainless Steel Stair Tool
Stainless Steel Stair Tool
15cm (6") heavy duty, stainless steel hand tool. Ideal for cleaning stairs and small areas quickly.
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TileMaster Stone & Tile Stripper
TileMaster Stone & Tile Stripper
Tile Master Stone & Tile Stripper is ideal to clean and remove built up surface sealers and topical coatings, including yacht varnish and 2 parts solvent sealer that are present on tiles around your home.
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Hunga Bonnet Encapsulation Solution Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines Alltec Network
Hunga Bonnet Encap – 4x5L Case Rate
A special water-based blend of polymers and surfactants for fast and effective low-moisture cleaning of all wet-cleanable carpets and carpet tiles. Efficiently captures and suspends soils when used with bonnet pads and soft brush rotary machines. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour neutralising - leaves no sticky residue, is non-resoiling and offers excellent stain resistance allowing ease of future cleaning. 4 x 5L Case Rate  
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Vac Motor Cooling Fan from
Vacuum Motor Cooling Fan
Vacuum Motor Cooling Fan
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Aquatec Pumps – 150 psi & 220 psi
Aquatec Pumps – 150 psi & 220 psi
150 psi and 220 psi Aquatec Solution Pumps
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TileMaster Satin Wax Dressing
TileMaster Satin Wax Dressing is an ideal surface sealer to protect natural stone and gives a wonderful satin finish.
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TileMaster Matt Wax Dressing
TileMaster Matt Wax Dressing is an ideal surface sealer to protect natural stone and gives a wonderful matt finish.
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TileMaster Stain Remover Oil Off
TileMaster Oil Off is specially formulated to remove oil and grease stains. Ideal for removing household food and drink stains from marble, granite, limestone and porous stone.
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NEW STYLE JET! Stainless Steel Hand Tool/Detailer with External Jet
NEW STYLE JET! Stainless Steel Hand Tool/Detailer with External Jet
NEW STYLE - NEW JET SYSTEM No more plates, screws or o-rings! A sleeker system, with the same stainless steel jet size with a rounded guide bracket that will not catch or snag. Jet is easily cleaned out by loosening the brass hex nut and pulling out the jet tube to blow out any dirt or obstructions. Replace the jet tube and tighten the brass nut. 9cm (3.5") stainless steel hand tool. The detailer with external spray jets is an ideal robust tool for cleaning stairs, edging of carpets and other tight areas.
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Electro Motor 3 stage 5.7
Electro Motor High Power
3 Stage 5.7" Electro Motors for Alltec Evolution, also available in low power.  
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Monster Honing Powder
Monster Honing Powder
Monster Polishing Powder is a highly advanced and unique Marble Honing Powder.  Expertly formulated to remove etching and lightly hone marble and limestone, providing a dull, honed finish and ready for polishing.  Can be used on floors, worktops and walls etc. Available in 5kg & 1kg
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Ceramic and Porcelain Impregnator
Tiles treated with Ceramic & Porcelain Impregnator will repel spills, dirt and grime making cleaning and maintenance considerably easier, helping to prevent premature replacement.  Ceramic & Porcelain Impregnator is particularly useful in kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, shower rooms, dining rooms and all other areas where spillages may occur.
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Solution Tank Lids
Solution Tank Lids
Solution tank lid for Alltec machines
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alltec crevice tool
Stainless Steel Internal Jet Crevice Hand Tool
Stainless Steel Internal Jet Crevice Tool ideal for vehicle upholstery and getting between upholstered seating where the cushions cannot be removed.
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Buffalo StainGuard
Buffalo StainGuard
A water-based leather protector that re-proofs leather and fabric items. Protects leather and fabric against stains, water spills, or the build-up of grease from skin contact. 1L
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