Products for cleaning fabric and upholstery.
Citrus Fabric Pre-Wash
A blend of natural citrus oils and powerful stain digesters designed to safely cut through body grease and grime on those impossible to clean low-pile fabrics such as cotton prints.  Citrus Fabric Pre-wash will leave the fibres cleaner, softer and smelling citrus fresh and is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results to ensure customer satisfaction every time.
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Dri-Sol – Dry Cleaning Solvent
A low-toxicity solvent for use with dry cleaning solvent cleaning machines, such as the Sahara on dry-clean only fabrics and upholstery and all fabric types.  The only safe way to clean non-wetable items.  Barely perceptible smell cuts down customer dissatisfaction caused by objectionable solvent odours.
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Dry Foam Shampoo
A concentrated, low moisture, dry foam for cleaning carpets and upholstery with minimum of wetting.  Contains excellent emulsifiers and germacides.  For use with dry foam and rotary machines as well as for the safe hand cleaning of fabrics.  High foaming, crystallising, alcohol based and quick drying to leave even less residue behind.
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Professional Leather Cleaner
Professional Concentrated Leather Cleaner for the cleaning and removal of soiling from Leather furniture etc, prior to applying Leather Refinishing Cream.
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Professional Leather Cream
For the restoration of leather furniture after applying Leather Cleaner.
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premium misting bottle from
Premium Misting Bottle
Fine misting spray bottle, ideal for upholstery and fine fabrics. Provides a sustained spray and can even be used upside down.  Easier to use than a conventional trigger spray and more eco-friendly than an aerosol.
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