Carpet Prespray from prespray should be used before extraction cleaning to help remove soiling.  A gentle carpet prespray should be used on general maintenance cleans and a stronger prespray on heavily soiled traffic lane areas.

Many of the Carpet Presprays have been designed for specific cleaning procedures.  For heavily soiled or greasy traffic lane area’s Citrus Prespray has been developed with a strong degreasing agent.  For a gentle but effective Traffic Lane Cleaner which is safe on all wet-cleanable Carpets the Alltec Traffic Lane Cleaner is the perfect prespray.


Enzyme Pre-Spray
Enzyme Pre-Spray
A powerful powdered enzyme pre-spray for the removal of tough, stubborn protein and grease stains, especially heavily soiled restaurants. Also effective on coffee, blood and urine stains.  With a great fragrance to help combat odours   Suitable for use as a pre-spray or spotter. Available in 4kg & 20kg. pH 11 in solution.
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Ultimate Prespray 4kg Alltec Network Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment Solutions Machines Training
Ultimate Pre-Spray
A solvent based, alkaline and enzyme-free pre-spray that is ideal for pre-cleaning heavily soiled synthetic carpets, greasy restaurants, kitchens and traffic lanes etc. Ultimate pre-spray 4kg.
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New Concentrated Ultimate Master Carpet Cleaning Powder
Our best selling Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning treatment has just got better!  Now 30% more concentrated so you use less on each job!  Just 30g per 30L in your clean water tank and you will get amazing results every time!  This is down to the superior cleaning of the daily build-up of dirt and grime on soft furnishings, whilst being kind and caring for today's homes and the occupants.
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Bio Cleaner – now available in 1L!
A super concentrated antimicrobial, antibacterial cleaner, derived from natural plant oils and environmentally friendly. Suitable for cleaning most textile surfaces in the home. Effective against many viruses, including Norovirus, whilst being safe for use around children, pets and the elderly.  pH neutral and wool safe.
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Envirosafe Dual Action Pre-Cleaner & Sanitiser
Environmentally safe, dual action pre-cleaner and sanitiser. Will safely clean and protect the home by killing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.  Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. For use on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces wherever virus and bacteria control is required.
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High Performance Prespray
A specially formulated high performance pre-spray for improved cleaning of very heavily soiled carpets, for use prior to extraction cleaning, particularly recommended for commercial use.  Dissolves dirt making the cleaning process quicker and more efficient.
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Traffic Lane Degreaser
Recognised as being one of the most concentrated de-greasing agents available on the market. This viscous  liquid is for lifting oil, grease and heavy soiling from the traffic lanes caused in commercial premises such as pubs, clubs and restaurants
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Traffic Lane Cleaner
Special blends of surfactants produce this low pH and low foaming pre-spray.  It is safe to use on most types of carpets and perfect for wool carpets and rugs
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Detergent Free Prespray
This detergent free Cleaner is a safe pre-spray using micro-splitter technology.  It will cut into soiling immediately when sprayed, just brush in to the carpet and extract out to leave fibres clean, soft and residue free. No bleaches - No enzymes - No surfactants - No solvents
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Citrus Pre Spray
A degreasing agent pre-spray to improve the cleaning performance of hot water extraction cleaning on heavily soiled carpets & heavily soiled traffic lane areas. Helps to break down and emulsify grease and tracked soil, food and beverage spills and emulsify grease & dirt until extracted out with hot water extraction cleaning.
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