Professional Spotting Kit
The Spotting Kit is certainly one of the most comprehensive kits available to the professional carpet and upholstery cleaner.  Many cleaners have found they can add a lot more money to their business by being a stain removal specialist.
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Oriental Rug Detergent Free Spotter
A safe to use spotter for cleaning delicate wool and silk fibres.  Using microsplitting technology this spotter will leave fibres soft and residue free.  No bleaches, enzymes, surfactants or solvents.
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Micro X
Micro X Spotter is a micro splitting spotter; detergent free, water based, all round spotter for wet cleanable carpets and fabrics.
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Own Label Spotters
Own Label Spotters
Own Label Spotters Spotters are a great way to connect with your customers, sell them or give them away, either way they are a great way of advertising.  Leave one after a job, or as a special promotion.  Your customer can quickly and efficiently clean up a blob of spilt jam or other minor spots, then when they need a professional clean, your number is on the bottle under their sink!  And there are absolutely no set up charges for the artwork.
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Eco Solve Spotter
An ecologically friendly solvent spot & stain remover with  low toxicity and milder vapour.  For removing grease, oil, tar, wax, lipstick, sticky tape and glue residues.  Suitable for use on most textiles and fibres.
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Solvent Ink Stain Remover
A highly effective remover of permanent Ink, Biro, Felt tip and Marker Pens.  Also useful for some other types of solvent based stains.
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Solvent Spotter
A highly sophisticated blend of solvents for the easy removal of nail varnish, gloss pain, printing ink, glue, wood dyes, resins, varnishes and most solvent based stains.
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Specialist Stain Remover
An oxidising agent based stain remover.  This unique blend of bleaching products and detergents will safely remove most known stains.
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Dry Cleaning Solvent Spotter
A solvent-based agent for the removal of sticky/greasy substances such as oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues from carpet and upholstery.  100% safe on all materials (except bitumen backed carpet tiles etc).
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Advanced Spot Remover
A handy aerosol solvent based spot remover, similar to Dry Cleaning Solvent.  100% safe on all fabrics and carpet fibres (except bitumen backed carpet tiles etc). Excellent for removing spots and marks, oil, grease, tar, polish and some glues in smaller areas.
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Chewing Gum Remover
The most cost-effective way of removing chewing gum.  This blend of solvents will not only dissolve gum but it is also excellent at removing lipstick, tar, plasticine, Blu tac, candle wax etc.  Not to be used on bitumen backed tiles.  Always pre test area first.
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Rust Remover
For the fast and easy removal of rust and other metallic stains caused by furniture studs, upholstery buttons and radiator leaks.
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Tea and Coffee Stain Remover
Tea and coffee stain remover is a blend of mild wetting agents designed to effectively remove tea and coffee stains.  Also reduces the browning which may be left behind on carpet stains after removing some stains.
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Tea and Coffee Stain Reducer
A special product to reduce the colour of Tea and Coffee stains.  Only to be used after all else has failed.  Last resort product.
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Red Wine Stain Remover
A special blend of agents designed to effectively remove red wine stains and other red food and drink stains.
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Red Stain Remover
For the removal of red food and drink colourings.  May be used on a wide range of difficult to move stains such as red wine, fizzy drinks even fruit juices.  Can be used with the 'towel and hot iron' method.
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Red Stain Reducer
A special agent for reducing the shading left by red stains after other stain removers may have failed.  Last resort product.
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Protein Spotter
A heavy duty alkaline stain remover specially formulated to break down proteins in blood, vomit, milk, baby food and other protein stains so they can be easily removed.  Ideal for domestic and commercial use.
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Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)
An oxidising agent to help lighten the shaded area that may be left after normal stain removal procedures, 10-20 Vol (<6%)
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De-Brown No 1
For use when cleaning white and off-white carpets to prevent browning. Also for the removal of cellulosic browning from wicking by jute or hessian backed carpets and tanning stains on light carpets.
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De-Brown No 2
An acidic solution for removing browning stains from coloured (i.e. non white) carpets.
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Hydrogen Peroxide
An oxidising agent to help lighten the shaded area that may be left after normal stain removal procedures.  Hydrogen Peroxide may not remove the residual stain but works by slowly turning it colourless, thereby giving the appearance that it has been removed.
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Ammonia Solution
A high alkaline spotter to be used as part of the stain removal process to reverse or neutralise stain removal treatments, also used to speed up other spotting products.
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Gel Solve
A powerful solvent gel ideal for the removal of a wide range of oil based stains such as chewing gum, tar, grease, candle wax, crayon and even polyurethane or epoxy glues.
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Mini Spotting Kit
Mini Spotting Kit
Handy mini spotting kit containing all your basic spot clean stain removers, all in a handy storage case for those smaller jobs!
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Master Stain Remover
Extremely effective professional carpet and upholstery stain remover for stubborn water-based stains left by everyday spills from food and drink.  Master Stain Remover is a near neutral pH product and is ideally suited for use on wool, synthetic and protected carpets.  Use as the first attempt spotter to lubricate the stain and help release it from the fibres.  Very popular in office or domestic locations to spot clean carpets in-between deep cleans as it leaves no sticky residue.  Only to be used on wet cleanable carpets and upholstery.
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Citrus Solve Cream Alltec Network Professional Cleaning Machines Solutions Chemicals Training
Citrus Solve Cream
Solvent cream for the effective removal of oil based stains.
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