Rotovac 360i Quad Swoop Carpet Cleaning Head
Rotovac 360i Quad Swoop Carpet Cleaning Head
The Quad Head features FOUR stainless steel Swoop Glide vacuum ports and 4 spray jets producing higher flow with more agitation than the standard head. The Quad Head cleans both commercial and residential carpets up to 25% faster. The Swoop Heads capture and eliminate overspray while producing better water extraction, agitation and overall cleaning results. A "ski ramp" built into the leading edge allows the Swoop Heads to ski up and over obstacles rather than ramming into them, thus preventing damage. The outer end of the vacuum slot curves into the direction of the rotation to improve recovery to the point where no second dry pass is usually needed. With a quick change out of the cleaning head the Quad Head can be easily mounted on any Rotovac 360i. Constructed from solid cast 304 stainless steel the new Swoop Heads come with a lifetime warranty against wear.
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Rotovac Bonzer Wand
Rotovac Bonzer Wand

The Bonzer speed-cleans carpets by capturing and delivering all the power your truckmount can generate. Seven spray jets are completely encapsulated under the manifold to ensure that no steam or heat escapes the cleaning zone. Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides, along with a comfortable dual-grip handle, allow the Bonzer to be both fast and easy to operate.

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Rotovac 360i

The Rotovac 360i is an excellent tool for cleaning carpet, tile and grout in one effortless, self-propelled motion, with interchangeable heads to suit any job.

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360 Carpet Brush Head
Rotovac 360i Brush Head – For low profile and commercial

The Carpet Brush Extraction Head has 3 stainless steel Swoop-Glide™ vacuum ports and 3 spray jets incorporated into a brush head to give the extra agitation needed to restore those super dirty commercial carpets.

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360 Carpet Head
Rotovac 360i Carpet Triple Head – For domestic carpets
The 360i comes standard with the Carpet Triple Head™. This head has three stainless steel Swoop Glide™ vacuum ports and 3 spray jets.  
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Rotovac 360i Tile & Grout Cleaning Brush Head
Rotovac 360i Tile & Grout Cleaning Brush Head
The NEW 360i Hard Surface/Tile and Grout Brush Head is now available. Simply spin off the carpet cleaning head and spin on the new H/S Brush Head. Pre-spray the floor with your cleaning agent and start cleaning tile and grout just like cleaning a carpet. The H/S Brush Head scrubs, rinses and extracts simultaneously leaving the floor clean and dry. The H/S Brush Head does not require high pressure so it works great with any portable extractor or truck-mount.
Nearly all of the water is recovered through the unique air sealed brush design. 3 spray jets flush and rinse the bristles which virtually eliminates residue left behind by other methods, allowing you to clean faster and remove nearly all chemical residue (left behind by other methods) FEATURES:
  • 3 Industrial grade nylon vac shoes
  • 3 spray jets
  • Industrial grade brush block available in fine, medium and coarse grits for cleaning virtually any type of hard surface
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Teflon Wand Glide
Wand Glides
30cm (12") Teflon/Holes. Makes wanding easier, quicker and leave carpets dryer.
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S Bend Stair Wand
S-Bend Stair Wand
This polished stainless steel Stair Wand with a special 'S' bend style short handle is ideal for stairs, small bedrooms, bathrooms, landings etc. Saves loss of time by using a 25cm (10") rather than your 10cm (4") hand tool. With adjustable plastic coated handle and twin spray jets, capable of 500psi.
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Scrub Wand
Scrub Wand
Polished Stainless Steel Floor Wand single bend, straight scrub wand with a 30cm (12") easy-glide head, adjustable plastic coated handle and twin spray jets, capable of 500psi.
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S Bend Carpet Cleaning Wand
S-Bend Carpet Cleaning Wand
Designed to be used with both low or high pressure machines this popular 'S' bend style wand with a 30cm (12") easy glide head allows you to get under furniture easily while avoiding operator fatigue and back strain. Polished stainless steel with twin spray jets, capable of 500psi.
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