premium misting bottle from
Premium Misting Bottle


Fine misting spray bottle, ideal for upholstery and fine fabrics. Provides a sustained spray and can even be used upside down.  Easier to use than a conventional trigger spray and more eco-friendly than an aerosol.
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Oval Upholstery Brush
Oval Upholstery Brush
The Oval Upholstery Brush is available in medium or large size and comes with a synthetic hand strap making it easy to use for agitation.  It gives a robust grooming action without any static build-up.
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Upholstery Sponge
Upholstery Scrunge Sponge
A dual usage sponge with a soft sponge for gentle agitation and a hard scourer top for hard to remove soils.
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Water Claw Spot Lifter
Water Claw Spot Lifter
The Water Claw Spot Lifter offers results never before seen for the complete removal of spills and odours in carpet, carpet backing and the pad
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Bone Spatula
Bone Spatula
Use this traditional yet highly effective spotting tool to agitate and work spotting agents into a spot and lift off excess material.  Impervious to practically every spotting chemical, this is an invaluable tool that is no longer made from Bone but a special plastic compound.
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Gum Getter Gum Removal Tool from
Gum Getter Gum Removal Tool
Can be used with solvents to quickly remove gum.  Apply Chewing Gum Remover or Gel Spotter, stroke it in with the Gum Getter and the gum will roll up for easy disposal.
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Spotting Cloth
Spotting Cloth
Non-woven cloth ideal for spotting when used with the tamping brush.  Pack of 25 cloths.
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Hydra Sponge
Hydro Sponge
The first and only synthetic sponge built to perform like a natural sponge.  The Hydra-Sponge holds extra water, create a rich foam and is extremely durable yet will stay soft making it ideal for upholstery cleaning.
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Natural Sea Sponge
Natural Sea Sponge
Natural Sea Sponges are softer, more absorbent, lather extremely well and generally last much longer than synthetic sponges.  Along with being fully biodegradable and are actually good for the environment since they are sustainable harvested so that they remain a renewable resource.
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White Terry Towels from
White Terry Towels
Absorbent white Terry Towelling used for cleaning and drying upholstery and used for spotting. Approx 17" x14". Pack of 10.
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Tampico Brush

Tampico brush for professional use for agitation of shampoos and Fabric Pre-Wash to upholstery fabrics.

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Furniture Scourer Pad
Furniture Scourer
To scour hard to move soils from flat weave upholstery fabrics like cotton prints prior to extraction cleaning.
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Upholstery Bonnet Mitt
Upholstery Mitt
8" synthetic hand bonnet has agitation strips that help remove soils.  Excellent for shampoo cleaning of durable upholstery, for use as a hand bonnet to clean stairs and along walls and can also be placed on small rotary tools for faster cleaning.
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Carpet Spotting Machines
Carpet Spotting Machines
Carpet Spotting Machines are compact hand-held machines for quick and effective cleaning of spills and stains. Minimise set up time and start cleaning immediately.  The self contained unit holds its own rinsing solution and stores its recovered waste water, ergonomic and easy to carry with one hand.  The carpet spotting machine offers fast, efficient spot cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Available in two models; standard and upgraded Pro with heat.    
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