European Chemical Agency Hazards Regulations

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Sounds pretty boring right?! They may be to you and I, but did you know that everyone has to conform to the new EU regulations as from 1st June this year? This includes you too!

The long and short of it is that everyone who manufactures, imports, sells or carries commercial chemical solutions are required by law to keep, and carry on your vehicle, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). And as from 1st June 2015, these new EU regulations come into effect. The new regulations are called CLP and replace the old CHIP standard. This move is to ensure that chemical hazard warnings are harmonised and easily recognised all across the European community.

CLP covers important information relating to safe handling, first aid measures, safe disposal and safe storage of any hazardous substance, which includes most cleaning solutions.

Most of our customers already carry MSDS, but there are many cleaning operatives that have never even heard of this legal requirement. Failure to carry this important information may result in a hefty fine, could invalidate your liability insurance or – worse case scenario – even cause harm to someone; imagine a member of staff or a customer accidentally splashing themselves with a heavy duty cleaning solution. You need to know how to deal with the incident, and quickly!

The data sheets will tell you how to deal with situations arising from ingestion, skin or eye contact, etc, which emergency measures to take and whether that person needs to seek urgent medical advice. All sounds a bit scary, right? This is a worse-case-scenario, most of us are careful with the chemicals we handle, and most of the time common sense prevails, but there is always the ‘what if’ or the one-off accident to consider. ‘Be Prepared’, as our great grandfathers would have proclaimed!

I have had people ask me if this means they won’t be able to buy their favourite solutions any more. In a word, no. It shouldn’t affect your business, as long as your supplier can supply you with the new updated, EU compliant Safety Data Sheets. If they cannot supply them, then you would be breaking the law by carrying their products!

Here at Alltec Network, we have invested in new specialised software and spent a lot of time and effort ensuring all our product data sheets comply with these new regulations.

All the new, updated Data Sheets will be available online as from 1st June, or if you email a list of your Alltec solutions to [email protected] we will send you your new documents.