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Buffalo Ink & Stain Remover

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Ink And Stain Remover For Leather – Dye Transfer Remover. 500ml


    Ink And Stain Remover For Leather – Dye Transfer Remover

    • Solvent based
    • May remove colour on darker leathers (test before full application)
    • Formulated to aid in the removal of stubborn stains such as: biro, dye transfer, red wine, etc., on plain pigmented surfaces.
    • Can remove emulsion paint based products from aniline surfaces.
    • Re-colouring the surface may occasionally be required after use.
    • Not for use on bi-cast, two-tone or rub-off leathers, unless colour restoration is intended.

    Suitable For:
    Plain pigmented or aniline leathers

    Lint free cloth




    Ink & Stain Remover – MSDS

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