Detergent Free Prespray


This detergent free Cleaner is a safe pre-spray using micro-splitter technology.  It will cut into soiling immediately when sprayed, just brush in to the carpet and extract out to leave fibres clean, soft and residue free.

No bleaches – No enzymes – No surfactants – No solvents

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Detergent Free Prespray is a safe to use, environmentally friendly, prespray using micro splitter technology.  It will cut into soiling immediately when sprayed, just brush into the carpet and extract out to leave fibres clean, soft and residue free.  No Bleaches, Enzymes, Surfactants or Solvents!

pH 6.5. Dilution ratio: 1:40 – 1:20

Here is a before and after picture of cleaning done using Detergent Free Pre-Spray and Master Stain Remover

Detergent Free Before PicDetergent Free After Pic

Directions for use:

For light soiling dilute between
1:80 and 1:40 (12-25ml per Litre).

For heavy soiling dilute between 1:20 and 1:10 (50-100ml per Litre).

Pre-spray on to carpet, agitate with brush or Rotovac and extract clean.

Download the MSDS: Detergent Free Prespray

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Product Size:

1 x 5Lt, 4 x 5Lt

3 reviews for Detergent Free Prespray

  1. Omega Clean

    Always like to use a detergent free pre-spray both because I have a heatless high end porty but mainly because of the green credentials which my clients look for. Been using this product for a while with good results but today I used it on a low profile commercial carpet with heavy foot fall. I was truly amazed how well this product worked and at £17 for 5 lts for me it is a no brainer.
    Thank you Alltec

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  2. Stevens carpet cleaning

    Been in business over 30years and these are some of the best products I’ve used highly recommended and smell nice too thanks

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  3. Kim lay (verified owner)

    I have used this product for sometime now and find it really works well and would highly recommend it

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