Regular servicing of your Truckmount will help ensure that costly breakdowns are reduced. We can service any make, any model of Truckmounted machine.

If you do have a breakdown, call our Truckmount Servicing Team on 01763 208222; we will try and diagnose the problem and find a way to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, the problem cannot be easily solved over the phone and will need to be looked at in our Workshop by a technician. We stock most universal parts and generally can have you back up and running in a couple of hours, (specialist parts can usually be ordered for a next day delivery)!

For out-of-hours emergencies call 01763 208222 – we may not always be able to answer your call straight away but leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Servicing Costs

Basic servicing cost includes parts and and labour as listed for only £249+VAT.

Please ensure that all unnecessary items are removed from the back of the van prior to bringing it in to allow our technicians clear access to the machine. Labour will be charged if our technicians have to do this for you, or the job maybe rejected.   


Change engine oil
Change oil filter
Check pump oil
Check blower oil
Grease blower & pump
Check / clean air filter
Check / top-up water level
Check drive belts
Check for engine noise / smoke
Visual check for engine fluid leaks
Visual check for pressure hose leaks

Check battery / clean terminals / top up
Check operation of charging unit

Check vacuum (waste) inlet filter(s)
Check / clean water filters (strainers)
Check chemical metering system
Check frame / mounting brackets
Check water supply tank / transfer pump
Check header tank (water box)
Check overall safety of machine / fitting

Visually check exhaust system
Visually check mounting brackets
Visually check fuel tank / lines and pipe work

Visually check floor wand(s)
Visually check hand tool/s & inline sprayer
Visually check solution hose / couplings
Visually check vacuum hose

Full Service is £299+VAT and includes everything in the Basic Service plus:

Change spark plugs
Change pump oil
Change blower oil

Call 01763 208222 to book your Truckmount Service