Top tips for cleaning 4 common summer stains

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As we get into the swing of the summer holidays, we are bringing you our top tips for professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. Enjoy this blog of four common summer stains that your customers may encounter over the school holidays.

1. Sun Cream

Our first summer stain is sun cream. An oil based liquid that is so easy to spill on upholstery or carpet during the sunny summer months.

Our advice if your customer has a sun cream stain is to apply Alltec Solvent Spotter.

Once this has been worked in and dried as much as possible, apply a mild alkaline spray such as Master Stain Remover and tamp in.

Let this dwell for 5 – 10 mins and rinse with Ultimate Master.

2. Ice Cream

Our next common summer stain is ice-cream. This sweet treat can easily be removed with these simple steps.

Scrape off any excess with a blunt knife.

Apply Alltec Protein Spotter and blot.

Rinse with Ultimate Master and repeat as necessary.

3. Fruit Juice

Another common stain this is summer is fruit juice. With ice cold Ribena on tap all summer it can be easy for it to end up all over the floor. To get this stain out:

Apply Red Stain Remover, and blot using a terry towel

Rinse through with Ultimate Master

4. Ketchup

With the BBQ getting fired up any day that we can get away with, a ketchup disaster is never too far away. Here is our method on how to remove ketchup.

Apply Protein Spotter.

Rinse with Ultimate Master.

Bonus tip!

Offer your customers carpet or upholstery protection as an upgrade on their usual clean, which can help prevent a lot of the above stains. As you can see, we’ve used the Alltec Carpet Protector here, and the fruit juice just sits on top of the carpet – which is then easy to blot off.

As with all our blogs and videos, this information is just a guide. Make sure to always test in an inconspicuous area before undertaking any work. Alltec Network are not responsible for any work undertaken.