Carpet Rinses for Professional Cleaners

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Using Carpet Rinses is important when cleaning as:Carpet Rinses

1. leaving solution in the carpets can cause premature re-soiling and

2. the carpet needs to be returned to a Neutral pH after cleaning.


Most soil is of an acid base that’s why most cleaning products such as detergents are alkaline to neutralise the acid and make the cleaning more effective. Sometimes the alkaline is so strong that once you have finished cleaning you must check the pH level, if it’s not back to a pH of 7 use an acid rinse to reduce it.

There are a few different carpet rinses available:

  • Ultimate Master – a very versatile cleaning powder that can be used as both a prespray and rinse.  Ultimate Master is self neutralising, making sure the carpet is left in a neutral state after cleaning.
  • Liquid Ultimate Master – works in the same way as the powdered version but in a liquid format.
  • Acid Rinse – apply during or after the cleaning operation to carpets or upholstery fabrics which are non colourfast or likely to give rise to browning problems.  Also available in a powdered concentrate.