Learn How To Clean Rugs

Learn how to clean rugs professionally with our 2 day hands on training school.Learn how to clean rugs - alltec.co.uk

This 2 day hands on training school is ideal for anyone who would like to learn how to clean rugs professionally!  Rug cleaning is a great add-on for any cleaning business.

The school includes live demonstrations of:

1. Pre-cleaning inspections
2. Colourfastness test
3. Dry soil removal procedures (beating)
4. Fringe cleaning
5. Drying methods
6. Urine decontamination
7. Submersion cleaning (portable rug washing pit)
8. Surface cleaning

The instructor for the Rug cleaning school is Paul Pearce.  Paul is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable instructors for Carpet, Upholstery and Rug cleaning.  Paul delivers his training in a way that makes sure you fully understand the techniques and theory behind the cleaning.  It is clear that Paul enjoys and is passionate about the subjects he is teaching and has a wealth of experience to share with you.

The 2 day training school will cover the different methods of Rug Cleaning and you will have the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ and have a go for yourself.


For Training Dates and to find out more read about the school HERE