Ultimate Pre-Spray from Alltec

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Ultimate Prespray is a new solvent based, alkaline, enzyme-free pre-spray that is ideal for pre-cleaning heavily soiled synthetic carpets, greasy restaurants, kitchens and traffic lanes etc.  Comes in 4kg.Ultimate-Prespray-4kg-from-www.alltec.co.uk


Directions for use:

A. Pre 5L mix: add 75g to 5L warm water (1:66)

B. Pump up Sprayer: add 15g per litre warm water (1:66)

C. Injection Sprayer: 45g per litre warm water (1:22)

  1. Apply pre-spray and agitate
  2. Allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes then thoroughly extract

Always pre-test for colour fastness and do not allow product to dry before extraction.


Customer Reviews:

Alan Reeves:

Hi, just wanted to say attended the Alltec open day and received a free sample of Ultimate Pre-spray and have tried this on some really dirty carpets left by students and the results are amazing and would defo recommend this product as a pre spray. Phoenix Restore


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