How to change or clean the jets on your floor wand

This is the first of our instructional videos for simple repairs and maintenance of your tools and equipment.

This video shows you how to change or clean the jets on your floor wand.  We have tried to be as generic as possible but you may find some parts are slightly different that what you are seeing on the screen.



How to;

  1. To remove the spray jet you will need two spanners; an 11/16th spanner and a 13/16th, one to hold the base of they spray jet body and one to undo the spray jet nut.
  2. When you first come to undo this you might find it is incredibly tight, to avoid any damage to the spray jet nut substitute the spanner for a 13/16th six sided socket, so that it doesn’t wring off the edges, set the spanner
    and undo the spray jet nut. Once you have slackened it you should be able to undo it with your fingers.
  3. Once you have removed the spray jet nut you can then remove the spray jet. Put these two items to one side.
  4. You will then need to remove the spray jet filter from the housing, this pulls out and then you want to check for any contamination and any damage to the filter, if they get blocked up they get damaged round the base.
  5. Once this is removed, you need to clean it using a soft brush, something like a nail brush or or paint brush, just to remove any debris from the filter – anything else may cause damage to it.
  6. Once you have removed both the filters, I’d suggest that you connect the floor wand to the machine and run some water through the floor wand to rinse any debris that’s in the spray jet housings.
  7. Once you have either cleaned or replaced the filters, you can pop them back into the spray jet bodies and then replace the spray jets and refit the nuts hand tight onto the top.
  8. To help align the spray jets while tightening them up, use an 8mm spanner on the flat surfaces of the spray jet and then with the 13/16th spanner just nip the spray jet nut up. Do this on both the spray jets so they are roughly in line with each other. Once you have done that you can then just tighten up the last little bit, holding the bottom of the spray jet body and just tighten it up like so.
  9. Then you are ready to test the floor wand before you next use it.


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  1. Richard Lee-Costello

    Useful Video, many thanks. I shall be doing this today