Oriental Rug Shampoo
A pH neutral product for shampooing oriental rugs and wool rich carpets safely. Can be used with Rotovac machines as well as hand shampooing. Directions for use: Always test for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area Thoroughly vacuum front and back of rug Apply by hand: wear gloves to agitate the solution to produce a foam Apply the foam by sponge or brush and work into the pile Extract off excess foam and lay pile in one direction Allow to dry then dry vacuum thoroughly 5L
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Oriental Rug Pre-Spray – 4x5L Case Rate
Oriental Rug Pre-Spray – 4x5L Case Rate
A low pH, low-foaming rug pre-spray safe for all wet cleanable fibres including wool.  Rapidly loosens and dissolves dirt to give superior cleaning results. Designed to be used with full immersion cleaning with rotary machines as well as for hand cleaning. pH 8 Directions for use: Dilute 1:20, 50ml per litre. Pre-spray directly onto rug Agitate with brush or CRB/slow rotary machine Extract or flush in rug wash pit For Hydroforce in-line sprayer: dilute 1L to 1.25L warm water.

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Sale! Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Accessories for the 38cm Cimex: Medium scrub - polypropylene  - yellow brush, Standard scrub - nylon - white brush, Shampoo brushes - white, Drive disc. Accessories for the 48cm Cimex: General purpose scrubbing - fibre (biscuit), Light scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Medium scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Standard scrub - nylon - white, Shampoo brushes - white, Abrasive scrub - bronze/polyprop mix (white/bronze), Extra heavy duty scrub - tynex - grey brush, Velcro drive disc, Drive disc, Crimped wire - chequer plate cleaning (commercial), Encap pads 8" - box of 15, Shampoo brushes - white.  
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