Carpet PreSpray

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Carpet PresprayThe results of hot water extraction greatly improve when a prespray is used followed by dwell time before the rinse and extraction process.

Which carpet prespray to use will depend on the level of soiling.  For light soiling a general carpet prespray suck as Traffic Lane Cleaner can be used, for greasy carpets such as in restaurants a Citrus Prespray with a strong degreasing agent will be more appropriate and for commercial jobs High Performance Prespray, a high alkaline carpet prespray will be best.

Our range of carpet presprays include:

  • Bio Cleaner
    A super concentrated environmentally friendly, antibacterial and antimicrobial prespray.
  • Envirosafe
    A dual action prespray and sanitiser that is environmentally safe.
  • High Performance Prespray
    Specially formulated for heavily soiled carpets, recommended for commercial use.
  • Traffic Lane Degreaser
    A highly concentrated degreasing prespray, great on commercial premises such as pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Traffic Lane Cleaner
    A low pH and low foaming carpet prespray, safe to use on most carpets including wool carpets and rugs.
  • Detergent Free Prespray
    A safe prespray using micro splitter technology.  No bleaches, enzymes, surfactants or solvents.
  • Ultimate Master
    Our best selling powdered prespray.
  • Citrus Carpet Prespray
    A great degreasing agent for heavily soiled carpets.

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    This is really great help, this carpet prespray will make easier to clean a carpet. Thank you for sharing this.