Sale! Upholstery Bonnet Mitt
Upholstery Bonnet Mitt
The Upholstery Bonnet Mitt is an 8" lint free, microfibre hand bonnet, ideal for carpets and hard surfaces including vehicle interiors. Double sided with hand pocket opening. The green nylon agitation strips will help to remove soils. Use with a small rotary tool to provide faster cleaning. Can be used up to 500 times. The hand hole inside the bonnet allows for maximum control and provides absorption while the two green strips deliver the necessary agitation. Can we washed and tumbled dried at lower temperatures (higher temperatures can be used but slight shrinking may occur). Do not use fabric condition as this will affect the absorbency.

How to use the Upholstery Bonnet Mitt

Teaming the mitt with Dry Foam Shampoo for cleaning upholstery can produce great results. The mitt can be placed on the hand and used to apply the foam and agitate into the Upholstery.
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cimex cyclone 15
Cimex Cyclone/Cimex Encap
The unique Cimex three-brush system makes these scrubber-dryers simple to operate and extremely efficient. Three brushes are driven by a contra-rotating planetary drive disc, providing exceptional cleaning results even on difficult floors such as studded rubber, tiles, safety flooring and uneven floors. Not only does the 3-brush action offer unbeatable scrubbing and a deep cleaning action, it also prevents cable snagging. The Cimex machines can also be used for effective carpet cleaning. The 3 Cimex brushes are contra-rotating which scrubs the carpet fibres from all directions – all in a single pass. This also provides uniform application of your encap solution, providing a more thorough clean. Cimex 3-brush system can be up to six times more productive than a single disc rotary when cleaning carpets.
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