multiwash accessories
Truvox Multiwash II (340) Accessories
Accessories for the Truvox Multiwash II (340)
From coloured brushes for coded cleaning and specialist brushes, to a 4L water tank upgrade:
  • Brushes for normal (Soft), maintenance (Standard) and intensive (Hard) scrubbing:
  • Standard Brushes - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (pack of 2) or Black (individual)
  • Side Brush - black (single)
  • Hard Brush - Blue (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Escalator Brush - Blue (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Soft Brush - Grey (sold individually, 2 required)
  • Trolley
  • 4 Litre Tank for conversion of the 340
Please note some items will only be available by special order.
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Sale! Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Cimex Cyclone & Cimex Encap Accessories
Accessories for the 38cm Cimex: Medium scrub - polypropylene  - yellow brush, Standard scrub - nylon - white brush, Shampoo brushes - white, Drive disc. Accessories for the 48cm Cimex: General purpose scrubbing - fibre (biscuit), Light scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Medium scrub - polypropylene - yellow, Standard scrub - nylon - white, Shampoo brushes - white, Abrasive scrub - bronze/polyprop mix (white/bronze), Extra heavy duty scrub - tynex - grey brush, Velcro drive disc, Drive disc, Crimped wire - chequer plate cleaning (commercial), Encap pads 8" - box of 15, Shampoo brushes - white.  
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Rotovac Bonzer Glides
Rotovac Bonzer Glides
Teflon Glides and Hard Floor Brush Glides for the Rotovac Bonzer. The Bonzer speed-cleans carpets by capturing and delivering all the power your truckmount can generate. Seven spray jets are completely encapsulated under the manifold to ensure that no steam or heat escapes the cleaning zone. Front and rear Teflon vacuum glides, along with a comfortable dual-grip handle, allow the Bonzer to be both fast and easy to operate. Add hard floor brush glides for a truly multi purpose, revolutionary floor cleaning experience!
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Sale! Orbis Duo Eco Accessories
Orbis Duo Eco Accessories
Accessories for the Orbis Duo Eco: Polypropelene Scrubbing Brush, Flexi Drive Disc, Carpet Shampoo Brush, Brassine Polishing Brush - wet or dry use, Palmyra Floor Brush - dry use only, Anti Splash Skirt and Solution Tank
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cimex cyclone 15
Cimex Cyclone/Cimex Encap
The unique Cimex three-brush system makes these scrubber-dryers simple to operate and extremely efficient. Three brushes are driven by a contra-rotating planetary drive disc, providing exceptional cleaning results even on difficult floors such as studded rubber, tiles, safety flooring and uneven floors. Not only does the 3-brush action offer unbeatable scrubbing and a deep cleaning action, it also prevents cable snagging. The Cimex machines can also be used for effective carpet cleaning. The 3 Cimex brushes are contra-rotating which scrubs the carpet fibres from all directions – all in a single pass. This also provides uniform application of your encap solution, providing a more thorough clean. Cimex 3-brush system can be up to six times more productive than a single disc rotary when cleaning carpets.
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